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October 13th, 2011

Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test

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Designed to help determine the intelligence of many different groups of people, the Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test – 2 is a brief assessment. It is quickly and easily administered, and has been designed to accommodate bi-lingual test-takers who answer in Spanish as well as English. The Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test – 2 has many different applications.

In a school setting, the KBIT2 can be used in conjunction with other, longer intelligence tests in order to determine a child’s placement in gifted or enrichment classes. Conversely, it can also be administered to help find children who may be falling behind their peers, and who could benefit from supplemental education. In adults, the Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test – 2 can be used in institutional settings as well as group homes, determining the capabilities of those with disabilities or those in rehabilitation centers.  No matter how it is used, the KBIT–2 is a simple and brief test, designed to provide a quick but reliable snapshot of intelligence.

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