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Free Practice Questions for ITBS® Test

The Iowa Tests of Basic Skills are a set of standardized tests administered to children.  The ITBS tests are provided as a service to schools by the College of Education at The University of Iowa. The Iowa Tests are given as a kindergarten test, first grade test, second grade test, third grade test and go through eighth grade. Developers EF Linquiest, Maude McBroom, Ernest Horn, Herbert Spitzer, Harry Greene first designed and administered the Iowa Skills tests in 1930’s as a tool to improve instruction.  Back then they were originally called the Iowa Every Pupil Test of Basic Skills. Testing Mom has free practice questions for the ITBS test to help prepare their child for the upcoming exam.

Over the years, use of the Iowa Test of Basic Skills has spread beyond Iowa and many school districts across the U.S. now use the Iowa Skills test for kindergarten testing, first grade testing and second grade testing.

The Iowa Skills Test are written in levels 5-14, which generally correspond with grade levels kindergarten through eighth grade. Each test level within the ITBS tests consists of a series of tests administered in content sections, with each section designed to measure a specific skill set contained within the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills.  Sections in the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills for kindergarten, first grade, second grade and third grade tests include:

  • Vocabulary test
  • Word Analysis test
  • Reading Comprehension test
  • Listening test
  • Language test
  • Mathematics test


Below are some free practice questions for the ITBS test! Get more free ones here.

Listen to the word I say.  The word is “tranquil.”  Choose the picture that best goes with the word “tranquil.”

Free practice questions for ITBS test

Which multiplication is shown here?

ITBS practice question

Say this to your child: “For this section, each question will have a list of words.  Choose the word that is spelled wrong.  If none of the words are spelled wrong, choose the last circle that says ‘No error.’

Iowa Test of Basic Skills free question

Answers: 3rd picture over the bubble; D; battaries (should be ‘batteries’)

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Reka says:

I want to get ready of my son itbs grade5. Could u pls suggest some websites.

tomeka says:

Is there a website that my child can practice for the Iowa basic skills test for free

Shelly says:

I need itbs practice for 5th grade in all subjects. Can you suggest some?

Patty says:

Hello. Does anyone know where I can buy the Iowa Practice Test for 5nd grade. I am in Florida and I am trying to help my daughter prepare for the test. WHO SAID A SECOND GRADER KNOWS MORE THAB MOMMY….They are right. All this new core BS.

angela says:

Today my seven year old will be taking iowa test of reading and vocabulary!I’m wondering more about the questions??????????

Latasha Lawrence says:

want to get my 3rd grader ready for this test on Monday. Please send any website or suggestions. Thanks

John says:

My son is taking the ITBS and he uses khan academy and study island.I send him to a 90000 dollar private school to practice for the ITBS. Y’all should do that too.