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Testing Mom Live Tutoring

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Location is midtown on 57th Street in between 5th and 6th Avenue in Manhattan.

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  • Experienced tutors: Seasoned tutors in preparing for G&T, Hunter and private school tests are teaching your child.
  • Custom curriculum: We design a curriculum specific to your child’s needs.
  • Robust pre-assessment with summary report.
  • “Prep and Play”: Activities/assignments to do at home to solidify learning between sessions.
  • Simulating the testing experience and our unique “real-time learning system “.
  • Exclusive curriculum: Developed by Karen Quinn, the Testing Mom
  • Certified tutors: Each tutor is extensively trained and certified
  • Reduce stress: reduce testing anxiety for both YOU and your child, while your child is having FUN LEARNING.
  • Life long learner: We develop your child’s overall strengths which are fundamental to the beginning of life-long academic skills!






















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