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Practice Test Questions for Ravens Standard Progressive Matrices™

Raven’s Progressive Matrices test is a multiple choice questions pertaining to abstract reasoning. The Raven’s test was developed in 1936 by Dr. John Raven, thus the name Raven included in this IQ test. In each test question in the Raven’s Matrices test, the child is asked to identify the missing item that completes a pattern. Many patterns are presented in the form of a matrix, giving the Raven Progressive Matrices test its name. The Raven Progressive Matrices test is a widely used intelligence test in many research and applied settings. In each test item, one is asked to find the missing pattern in a series. Each set of test questions within the Raven Matrices test progressively harder for the child, requiring greater cognitive capacity to encode and analyze questions from the Raven Test.

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ravens test questions

Practice questions for the Ravens test


The matrices are posed in three different forms for participants of different ability:

  • Standard Progressive Matrices
  • Colored Progressive Matrices
  • Advanced Progressive Matrices provides practice questions for the Raven Matrices test and Raven Progressive Matrices test prep ideas you can use with your child.



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I need free questions to teach to my child.

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I want to know calculate score raven’s test and grade in raven’s test. Thanks

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does anyone know were a great website is for the practice raven test is this website(testingmom) doesn’t work out for me

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My child is preparing to take the Mensa test, can any one recommend websites to practice. checked on but they dont publish answers.. any help will me greatly appreciated..Thanks