What Is the Stanford-Binet® V (SB5)?

Sample Stanford-Binet® V Questions

Wondering what kinds of questions your child will be asked on the Stanford-Binet® V (Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales®, Fifth Edition) test? Here are five examples.


IMPORTANT: While the SB5 sample questions shown on this page are representative of what your child will see on the exam, they aren’t taken directly from the actual test that’s being administered this year.


Stanford-Binet® V (SB5) Sample Question #1 — Visual-Spatial Processing:

Parent, say to your child: “What is silly or impossible about this picture?”

stanford binet sample question flag

Stanford-Binet® V (SB5) Sample Question #2 — Vocabulary:

Parent, say to your child: “What is this called?” (Be sure to point to the image when asking this question.)

stanford binet sample question bike

Stanford-Binet® V (SB5) Sample Question #3 — Knowledge:

Parent, say to your child: “Why would you use a scale?”

answers stanford binet sample

Stanford-Binet® V (SB5) Sample Question #4 — Procedural Knowledge:

These subtest questions will ask your child to demonstrate how to properly use something children their age generally know what to do with by using gestures and pantomime. Parent, say this to your child: “Can you act out what to do with this?”

stanford binet sample question ice cream

Stanford-Binet® V (SB5) Sample Question #5 — Visual Arithmetic and Quantitative Reasoning:

Parent, say to your child: “How many blocks will I have left if I take two blocks away?”

stanford binet sample question blocks

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