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Brain Builders: Gifted & Talented Workbook Set by Aristotle Circle




Brain Builders: Gifted & Talented Workbook Set by Aristotle Circle

Product Details

Our Brain Builders: Gifted & Talented workbook set is intended to provide practice for children so they can become accustomed to the type of questions asked on Kindergarten Gifted & Talented assessments. It is particularly geared towards the NYC assessment, the most selective assessment in the United States, but it can be used for any IQ related assessments for Pre-K – 1st Grade entrants.

Each set includes seven 60-page workbooks that together include a total of 350 questions. Individual workbooks focus on a specific question type from the Nonverbal (NNAT®) and Verbal (OLSAT®) portions of the Gifted & Talented test. Each workbook includes the following sections:

  • The Performance Checklist provides space to monitor a child’s competency with certain question types and general test-taking skills. This section also includes an area for instructors/parents to provide written feedback.
  • The Main Session section focuses on an individual question type from the Nonverbal and Verbal portions of the test. These sections are scaffolded to include two to five answer choices per question, with a total of 30 questions for the entire section. Nonverbal question types also include skill-building subtypes to help familiarize children with the fundamental skills needed to excel at answering NNAT®-based questions.
  • The Review section includes question types that children have encountered in previous workbooks. These sections help to keep children focused and familiar with question types (skills) they’ve already learned by providing additional—and increasingly challenging—exercises.
  • The Homework section includes additional exercises based on the question type included in the Main Session.
  • Answer Page sections are available for instructors and parents to review for accuracy.


Return Policy:
Please open shipment upon receipt and contact us immediately if there is an issue with your order. Since products are test preparation materials, there is a 3-day return policy except on certain items (see below). Products returned in perfect, resalable condition may be returned (at owner’s expense) within 3 days of receipt for a full refund minus a $15 restocking fee.

The following materials may not be returned:

  • OLSAT™ Practice Tests A, B, and C
  • NNAT™ Practice Test
  • ERB/WPPSI™-IV Practice Test
  • ERB/WISC™-IV Practice Test
  • Individual ERB/WPPSI™-IV and ERB/WISC™ Subtest Workbooks
  • New York City Gifted & Talented Practice Test 1: Kindergarten Entry
  • Analogies Workbooks A, B, C and D
  • Aristotle Circle ISEE® Lower Level Practice Test I
  • Aristotle Circle ISEE® Middle-Level Practice Test I
  • Raven’s Progressive Matrices™ Test Prep Workbook
  • InView™ Test Prep Workbook
  • InView™ Preparation Workbook & Raven’s Progressive Matrices™ Workbook Bundle
  • SSAT™ Elementary Level Practice Test (5th Grade Candidates)
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