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Enrichment and Learning Activity Kit Ages 4-10 by Aristotle Circle




Enrichment and Learning Activity Kit Ages 4-10 by Aristotle Circle

Product Details

The Aristotle Circle Enrichment and Learning Kit builds a child’s creative and problem-solving skills through puzzles, pictures, games and other fun learning activities.

It provides parents with more than 1,000 activities and all of the puzzles, pictures and counting rods needed to prepare for the most common gifted and talented tests.

The Enrichment and Learning Kit includes:

  • Parent & Child Workbooks
  • Shape pieces and Tray
  • Counting Rods
  • Sorting Checkers
  • Blocks
  • Activity Cups


Q&A for the Enrichment and Learning Kit

Q: Who is the Enrichment & Learning Kit for?
The Enrichment & Learning Kit is for any child between the ages of 4 through 10. The book promotes learning through play and teaches patterning skills, sorting & classification, visual-spatial reasoning, vocabulary, memory, reasoning and creative problem solving. This workbook is ideal for families that want to build skills or prepare for gifted and talented tests or admissions tests in a fun interactive way.

Q: How is the Enrichment & Learning Kit different than the other Aristotle Circle Workbooks?
For the first time we took a series of admissions tests and used their core skills to develop a comprehensive and engaging workbook. We added sorting chips, counting rods and puzzle pieces to the workbook to make it our most play-based book to-date. It still has the comprehensive skill coverage, engaging illustrations and additional activity suggestions that parents have come to expect from all of our other products. Like our other workbooks, Dr. Kim Har, a PhD in childhood education and early learning, designed the kit.

Q: Which tests to does the Enrichment & Learning Kit cover?

  • the WPPSI™-III test
  • the WISC®-IV test
  • the Stanford-Binet® 5® test
  • the OLSAT® test
  • the Raven’s Matrices™
  • the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test® (NNAT®-2 Test)
  • the Cognitive Abilities Test® (CogAT® Test)
  • the Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children™ (KABC™ II Test)
  • the Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test™ (KBIT™ II Test)

Q: My child is applying to Hunter Elementary in New York City. Can I use the Enrichment & Learning Kit to prepare?

Yes, Hunter Elementary uses the Stanford-Binet® 5® test as its admissions criteria test. The Enrichment & Learning Kit covers 100% of the Stanford-Binet test along with 9 other common intelligence tests listed above.


Return Policy:
Please open shipment upon receipt and contact us immediately if there is an issue with your order. Since products are test preparation materials, there is a 3 day return policy except on certain items (see below). Products returned in perfect, resalable condition may be returned (at owner’s expense) within 3 days of receipt for a full refund minus a $15 restocking fee.

The following materials may not be returned:

  • OLSAT™ Practice Tests A, B and C
  • NNAT™ Practice Test
  • ERB/WPPSI™-IV Practice Test
  • ERB/WISC™-IV Practice Test
  • Individual ERB/WPPSI™-IV and ERB/WISC™ Subtest Workbooks
  • New York City Gifted & Talented Practice Test 1: Kindergarten Entry
  • Analogies Workbooks A, B, C and D
  • Aristotle Circle ISEE® Lower Level Practice Test I
  • Aristotle Circle ISEE® Middle Level Practice Test I
  • Raven’s Progressive Matrices™ Test Prep Workbook
  • InView™ Test Prep Workbook
  • InView™ Preparation Workbook & Raven’s Progressive Matrices™ Workbook Bundle
  • SSAT™ Elementary Level Practice Test (5th Grade Candidates)
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