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Logic and the Art of Reasoning Workbook by Aristotle Circle




Logic and the Art of Reasoning Workbook by Aristotle Circle

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Product Description

Aristotle Circle’s LOGIC and the Art of Reasoning Workbook provides extensive practice for students of all ages so they can become accustomed with the math logic questions found on a variety of tests and programs – including Math Olympiads for Elementary and Middles Schools™ (MOEMS) and Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Due to its distinct learning curve, everyone from advanced middle schoolers to aspiring law students can use the book to learn a variety of techniques to master the principles of logic: deduction, induction, inconsistency, and redundancy.  It is recommended for students in 7th Grade and above.

Logic Tools

The tools this workbook provides will not only help your students become better test takers, but better problem solvers.

  • Exercises, tips, and answer explanations for five of the most common logic problems students will face. 
  • Each exercise includes charts, diagrams, or other types of workspace to help students organize and visualize the data provided. 
  • A perfect resource to help students of all ages understand many math problems, as well as general enrichment
  • 164 Pages

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