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Workbook for NNAT® Test Level A by Aristotle Circle




Workbook for NNAT® Test Level A by Aristotle Circle

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Our Workbook for NNAT® Test Level A helps parents understand the content on the test, as well as provides ample practice questions to help prepare children for the exam. The NNAT® test is a culturally-neutral, nonverbal measure of reasoning and problem solving abilities. This test does not require English language skills; it contains problems that primarily use shapes and pictures.


Aristotle Circle promotes learning through play. In creating our colorful and effective workbooks for the NNAT® test, we leveraged our education and testing experts hands-on experience as well as feedback directly from children. The Workbook for NNAT® Test Level A includes over 350 practice questions and suggested activities for further practice.


The Workbook for NNAT® Test Level A also includes:

  • Descriptions of the 4 different subtests
  • A guide on how to interpret the scores
  • Suggested lesson plans on how to use your preparation time until test day
  • 150+ practice questions for the NNAT® test that are structured and presented in a way that is similar to those on the test
  • A full-length practice test and performance guidelines
  • 200+ skill-building activities to help develop general reasoning skills
  • Tips to help your child build problem-solving strategies
  • Full examples and explanations of how to go through each type of practice question for the NNAT® test
  • Suggested activities and games that can be easily incorporated into daily life
  • 80 monster stickers to encourage persistence and promote learning through play


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  • New York City Gifted & Talented Practice Test 1: Kindergarten Entry
  • Analogies Workbooks A, B, C and D
  • Aristotle Circle ISEE® Lower Level Practice Test I
  • Aristotle Circle ISEE® Middle Level Practice Test I
  • Raven’s Progressive Matrices™ Test Prep Workbook
  • InView™ Test Prep Workbook
  • InView™ Preparation Workbook & Raven’s Progressive Matrices™ Workbook Bundle
  • SSAT™ Elementary Level Practice Test (5th Grade Candidates)


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