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CogAT Verbal Battery

This section of the CogAT test assesses the student’s use of language, specifically their ability to determine relationships between words. These questions often require the use of analogy. The individual is also expected to showcase their use of context clues and process of elimination in order to complete a sentence using the vocabulary provided to them. The Verbal battery consists of picture analogies, sentence completion, and picture classification.

Picture Analogies

Picture Analogies assess a child’s ability to make use of a 2×2 matrix with 3 pictures and 1 empty cell. Students are required to examine the 2 pictures on top in order to determine the point of relation. The optimal approach to this question is to start by looking at the picture on the bottom row. The objective is to ensure that the three pictures on the bottom have a similar relationship to the pictures on top.

Sample Question: Look at the shapes in the top two boxes. Do you see how they go together in a certain way? Now look at the shapes on the side. Which shapes go with the shapes on the bottom row the same way that the shapes in the top row go together?

2- the top and bottom triangles flip over

Sentence Completion

During this section, students are required to listen to a sentence of question and select the picture that best satisfies the sentence or answers the question. This section is made up of 14 questions and takes approximately 14 minutes to complete.

Sample Question: Choose the word that best completes the sentence below.

Answer- B

Picture Classification

This section on picture classification requires that the student examine 3 pictures on top, in order to determine how they are alike. Then, they must choose the 1 picture on the bottom that belongs in the same group. This section is composed of 14 questions and takes approximately 14 minutes to complete.

Sample Question: Look at the pictures on top. They are alike in some way and so they belong together. Choose one picture from the bottom row that belongs with the pictures on top.

Answer – Police siren

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