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OLSAT 4th-5th Grade Practice Test

OLSAT Test 4th-5th Grade- Level E

Students that are in the fourth and fifth grades applying to gifted programs are often given the OLSAT test level E. Through multiple choice questions, the test evaluates a child’s verbal and nonverbal abilities.

Verbal questions consist of:

  • Arithmetic Reasoning
  • Following Directions Aural Reasoning

Nonverbal questions focus on:

  • Pattern Identification
  • Classification
  • Pictorial and Figural Analogies.

Note that the exam does not assess skills/content areas that are traditionally included in an academic curriculum. Instead, the test focuses on a student’s ability to use information to reason and problem solve.

The Level E test includes 72 questions, with a time limit of 60 minutes. The questions are designed to increase in difficulty in covering both fourth and fifth grade content. It is always best to begin preparing your child for the test as soon as possible. You may want to allow for a month of lead time.

This page offers practice questions that will help both you and your child to become familiar with the content and format of the exam questions. For additional sample questions, sign up for our 100 free practice questions.

100 Free Gifted Practice Questions

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1.) What doesn’t belong?

2.) The opposite of thrifty is-

3.) If you rearranged these words into sentence order, the first word of the sentence would begin with the letter__?

4.) The pictures in the top row are related in a particular way. The pictures in the bottom row are related in a similar way. Look at the answers and find the one picture that belongs in the empty box.

5.) Choose the most logical explanation for each statement provided.


1.) 4- Not pointing directly at each other
2.) 4
3.) 4- Slaves worked hard to earn freedom
4.) 3- Same shape rotated
5.) C

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6 Responses


Hi my son got a raw score of 47/72 on the fourth grade test. He was given 40 minutes to complete it. What would his percentile be? Thanks


Hi Tammy, your son’s percentile ranking would depend on how he placed along with the other students who took the test. The percentile ranking can’t be calculated from the raw score alone.




I think that number 4 was presented incorrectly as a visual problem. The second shape at the bottom should have been in the third position and the shape in answer number 2 should have come second. Am I missing something here?

Marcus Bruner

Hi Elise –

Thank you for reaching out to us.

The best way to explain this question is to look at the designs on the bottom row as a pyramid. If you look at the main design as a pyramid, the square is always to the left of it (you would need to flip the first picture right side up). Therefore, the correct answer has to be #3.

All the best,


pranti mondal

this is helpful

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