OLSAT by Grade Level

The OLSAT is a nationally standardized multiple-choice test. It assesses both verbal and nonverbal skills. It is one of the most widely administered tests used to identify students for gifted and talented programs. TestingMom.com offers practice questions and materials for OLSAT from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade.

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With a paid membership to TestingMom.com, you have full access to all of our printable and interactive questions for OLSAT. Here are the number of printable Practice Test Questions you have access to with TestingMom by grade level!

       Grade/Level                        Number of Questions 

Pre-K – K – Level A                                240
1st Grade – Level B                               300
2nd Grade – Level C                              300
3rd Grade – Level D                               474
4th-5th Grade – Level E*                        621
6th-8th Grade – Level F*                        304

*Note: Some grades share test levels.

You also have access to over 5,000 Practice Questions by skillset covering Level A through Level F. The advantage of TestingMom is that we provide you with access to all grade levels!

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This year Irvine CA school district is administering OLSAT in August 2018 instead of the usual November month. What is the cost of enrolling to your website to prepare for 5th Grade OLSAT. My son will be entering 5th grade in September 2018. I believe it is Level E.


this is the best


Aledo,TX ISD is going to use OLSAT testing next month for Gifted & Talented Program. What level I need to prepare my son who will be entering 2nd grade in August 2019? Currently he is a first grader. What is the cost for 1 month subscription? Thanks in advance.


If he’s still in 1st grade he will be taking OLSAT Level B. Please verify with the school. We recommend starting practicing with our OLSAT level A practice test questions to get him used to the problems. After he’s familiar and comfortable with sample questions for Level A, he’ll then be ready for Level B. Keep us posted on how it goes!


Do you have OLSAT for grade 9?


Do you offer OLSAT G test? For 9th graders?


Hi Hana,

Testingmom.com offers practice questions for the OLSAT test up to Level F or grade 8.


See if TestingMom.com supports your child’s test by your school district. If you don't see your child's school district listed, check with us! We have practice for other tests as well.

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