OLSAT Test Sections

The OLSAT is made up of verbal and nonverbal sections.

The verbal section assesses a child’s ability to understand different meanings of words in context, to determine relationships between words, and to be able to put words and sentences together in a meaningful way.

The verbal section has the following categories.

  • Verbal Comprehension – understanding of language; similarities and differences among words
  • Verbal Reasoning – using language to infer, apply, and classify

The nonverbal section assesses a child’s ability to put pieces of information together to form an understanding of the bigger picture.

The nonverbal section has the following categories:

  • Pictorial Reasoning – inferring from and evaluating pictures
  • Figural Reasoning – reasoning involving geometric shapes and figures, as well as patterns and their progressions
  • Quantitative Reasoning – inferring and understanding relationships with numbers; understanding and using computational rules in context

These sections can also be administered in standalone fashion depending on what the school or district is looking for. For example, the New York City gifted program administers the verbal section of the OLSAT while relying on the NNAT for their nonverbal scores.

The sections are explained further at the links below.

Verbal Comprehension

Verbal Reasoning

Pictorial Reasoning

Figural Reasoning

Quantitative Reasoning


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