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PARCC Test (The Partnership for the Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers)

What is the PARCC?

The PARCC (Partnership for the Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers) centers around a collaboration of nine states, working under an educational initiative known as the Common Core State Standards Initiative. This program outlines the appropriate academic skills or milestones that students in Kindergarten through twelfth grade are expected to reach, specifically in English language arts and mathematics. State members of the PARCC wish to develop appropriate assessments that are not only able to measure a student’s readiness for college, but also his or her propensity for a career path. The administered test is based on the child’s grade, as the student will take the appropriate test that suits their given level.

Each test item that appears on the PARCC is continuously being subject to review by teachers and educators who are part of the PARCC states. The format and or quality of a question is never permanent, but can instead be rewritten or even removed. The PARCC test has been made accessible to all students including those with disabilities and international students. A solid grasp of the material featured on the test demonstrates significant benefits for a students future success. offers practice questions for both the ELA and Mathematics portions of the test; we recommend signing up for our 100 free practice questions to get a sample of our materials.

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The PARCC test is generally administered on a computer, but some schools still administer it via paper-and-pencil.

Breakdown for PARCC Test

English Language Arts/Literacy:

During this section, students will be required to read and analyze literary passages that are taken from actual texts (fiction and nonfiction). At times, they will also be asked to watch videos or listen to an audio recording. Within this section, their writing should be strong and convincing, with the intention of supporting their core argument. The PARCC has released ELA/Literacy documents that outline for educators and students the design of the section.

A student’s reading evaluation is determined by three factors:

  • Test complexity
  • The range of accuracy in expressing reading comprehension in student responses
  • Quality of evidence that is cited from the sources encountered

For writing, differentiated performance is based on two distinct criteria:

  • Written expression
  • Knowledge of language and grammatical conventions


Within this particular section, students are intended to solve complex problems requiring reasoning and problem solving. Students are expected to have a working knowledge of mathematics attheir grade level. The expectations based upon PARCC and Common Core include:

  • Major content
  • Additional and supporting content
  • Reasoning
  • Modeling

In both content areas, student scores are finalized into one of 5 levels:

  • Level 1: Did not yet meet expectations
  • Level 2: Partially met expectations
  • Level 3: Approached expectations
  • Level 4: Met expectations
  • Level 5: Exceeded expectations

If you wish to further understand your child’s score, as well as how to support further progression take time to visit “”. This is a helpful site for PARCC score related inquiries.

FAQ: I’m Not Able to Find PARCC Resources

PARCC is a state standard test. To access materials on our site, you’ll want to choose the state standards for your individual state.

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