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How is the PARCC Test Scored?

How is the PARCC Scored

The student’s PARCC score gives the child, parent, as well as educators insight into how the child is performing academically. It also explains whether the student is meeting their academic goals, and ultimately whether they are “on track” for the following grade level. Based on their scores, the student may be able to better gauge their academic strengths, and those skills that may need improvement on.

As stated previously, the PARCC uses a 5-point performance level scale to evaluate student performance. Ultimately, student achievement is determined using scale scores and their aligning performance levels. Now let us define our terms. A scale score is a numerical value that explains student performance. The student’s raw score is the actual points that the individual earns on test items.


PARCC Scale Scores:

Ranges from 650-850 for all exams

Scale scores for English language arts and Mathematics is what ultimately composes a student’s performance level. It is important to remember the five performance levels for the PARCC evaluation

Level 1: Student did not meet academic expectations

Level 2: Student performance partially met academic expectations

Level 3: Student performance approached academic expectations

Level 4: Student performance at this level met academic expectations

Level 5: Student performance exceeded academic expectations


Students who achieved performance levels 4 and 5 have demonstrated a preparedness for the following grade level. Because of their high achieving exam scores, they are considered to be “on track” for college and their future career. A helpful resource that provides a detailed explanation of a sample student score report is a website called “”. This site will take you and your child through a step by step analysis of each of the score sheet’s components. Hopefully, by reviewing this information you and your child will gain an optimal understanding of their progress report.

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