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How is the STAAR Test Scored?

Student’s Scale Score

This is your child’s scale score, which shows his or her performance on the test. The STAAR scale score lets you compare your child’s score with the Satisfactory and Advanced performance levels. The scale score indicates how far above or below these performance levels your child’s achievement is.

Once students have taken a STAAR assessment they will receive a score indicating their performance. Students will fall in to one of the three categories below:

  • Level III: Advanced Academic Performance
  • Level II: Satisfactory Academic Performance
  • Level I: Unsatisfactory Academic Performance
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Test Information

This column shows whether your child took a specific version of a STAAR test. Different letters indicate different versions: s for STAAR Spanish, l for STAAR L, a for STAAR A, and b for braille. If there is not a letter in this column, your child took the general version of the STAAR assessment.

Progress Measure

The STAAR Progress Measure gives you information about how much your child has improved in a subject area. For reading and mathematics, this measure is based on a comparison of your child’s score last year with his or her score this year. For English language learners, an English Language Learner (ELL) Progress Measure is reported. This progress measure provides information about whether your child has made progress toward passing STAAR. The ELL progress measure is based on your child’s level of English language proficiency and the amount of time he or she has attended school in the United States. This measure will help you better understand whether your child is making reasonable progress in acquiring on-grade-level academic skills based on his or her English proficiency and schooling.

Scale Score Bar

This bar shows how well students could perform on the test. The arrow shows where your child actually performed on the test. The scores needed to achieve Level II: Satisfactory and Level III: Advanced are also marked on the scale score bar.

Reporting Categories

The content and skills tested on each STAAR assessment are grouped together. Each group is called a reporting category. The categories for each subject are listed in this column.

Items Correct and Items Tested

The Items Correct column shows the number of questions your child answered correctly for each reporting category. The Items Tested column shows the total number of questions tested for each reporting category.

Lexile Measure

A Lexile measure is reported for students who took grade 3-5 reading tests in English and grade 3-4 reading tests in Spanish. The Lexile measure represents both the complexity of a text, such as a book or article, and an individual’s reading ability. The purpose of the Lexile measure is to appropriately match readers with books.

Percent Correct

The shaded bars show the percentage of questions your child answered correctly for each reporting category.

Writing Performance Results

On the writing test, your child wrote one composition and answered multiple-choice questions related to revision and editing. In addition to the number and percent of multiple-choice questions your child answered correctly, your child’s score on the composition is shown. For the written composition section of the writing results, the first column lists the composition your child wrote. The second column shows the points your child earned on the composition. The third column shows the total points possible on the composition. The final column describes the rating score, showing the level of writing performance your child demonstrated on the composition.

Student Data Portal

Through the student data portal, parents and students can access assessment information across test administrations and years. You may access the portal by using the web address and student access code that are listed at the bottom of your child’s actual test report.

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