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What is the Torrance Test?

The Torrance® Tests of Creative Thinking (TTCT®) is designed to identify and evaluate creative potential using two parts – a Verbal test and a Figural test.

  • The Verbal test contains seven subtests – Asking, Guessing Causes, Guessing Consequences, Product Improvement, Unusual Uses, Unusual Questions, and Just Suppose. Subtests are scored on the basis of fluency, flexibility, and originality (with a score on elaboration as optional), and these scores are accumulated across all subtests. The totals may be converted to standard T scores if normative reference is desired.
  • The Figural test has three subsets – Picture Construction (from a marked cue), Picture Completion (again with cues), and Parallel Lines. The first of these subtests is scored on originality and elaboration while the remainder are scored on fluency, flexibility, originality, and elaboration. Totals are then accumulated across subtests to provide overall scores for Figural fluency, flexibility, originality, and elaboration. These scores, as in the Verbal test, can be converted to a standard T score.

The tests are game-like to catch children’s interests. The scoring of the tests is by hand and require careful attention to the manual for reliable results. However, “streamlined” guides are available and are helpful in developing greater familiarity with the test and its scoring procedures. Grades K through graduate school.

Many school districts include some kind of creativity testing as part of their assessment of gifted children.  One of the most common tests used to assess creativity in a child or an adult is the Torrance® Tests of Creative Thinking.  The TTCT® test is a series of figural exercises (thinking with pictures) and verbal activities (thinking with words) that students do to showcase their creative abilities.  The full test is a series of individual exercises that are administered by a psychologist over a 90-minute period.  While it isn’t the perfect creativity test, it has proved to be highly reliable over the years as a predictor of successful, creative individuals of all ages.

This test is used by both businesses and schools.  Often, in a school setting, a few of the exercises from the TTCT® test are chosen to be administered along with other intelligence or achievement tests.  They might choose one figural and one verbal activity to include in their evaluation if they are looking for children who are both highly creative and intelligent to be part of their program.

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