WISC Test (Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children)

What is the WISC?

The WISC®-V (Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children®, Fifth Edition) is an IQ test administered to children ages 6 and above by school districts and psychologists to determine whether or not a child is gifted and determine that student’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses. Subtests included on the WISC®-V may be given online or one-on-one using manipulatives, depending on the reason your child is being assessed; typically, the full exam takes 65-80 minutes, depending on the number of primary and secondary subtests given. If your child is taking the WISC®-V in order to qualify for admission into a gifted program or private school, your district or Independent School Organization will indicate which subtests all applicants must take. In most cases, either the 10 Primary Scale subtests or 7 Primary – Full Scale IQ (FSIQ) subtests are given for determining eligibility for admission into these programs.

The WISC®-V includes 10 Primary Scale/Full Scale IQ subtest types:

  1. Verbal Comprehension – Similarities (Primary/FSIQ)
  2. Verbal Comprehension – Vocabulary (Primary/FSIQ)
  3. Visual Spatial – Block Design (Primary/FSIQ)
  4. Fluid Reasoning – Matrix Reasoning (Primary/FSIQ)
  5. Fluid Reasoning – Figure Weights (Primary/FSIQ)
  6. Working Memory – Digit Span (Primary/FSIQ)
  7. Processing Speed – Coding (Primary/FSIQ)
  8. Visual Spatial – Visual Puzzles (Primary)
  9. Working Memory – Picture Span (Primary)
  10. Processing Speed – Symbol Search (Primary)


Since it’s an intelligence test, the WISC-V is either given one-on-one or online and doesn’t require any reading or writing skills.

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