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Woodcock-Johnson® Tests of Cognitive Abilities

The Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Cognitive Abilities are IQ tests devised by Woodcock and Johnson in the late 1970’s. The Woodcock-Johnson Tests were revised most recently in 2001 and this latest version is commonly called the WJ-III test. The Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Cognitive Abilities can be given to children from the age of 2 through adulthood. The Woodcock Johnson test covers a wide range of cognitive skills.

woodcock johnson practice test questions

Practice Questions for the Woodcock Johnson test

The skills tested on the Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Cognitive Abilities are:

  • Comprehension-Knowledge
  • Long-Term Retrieval
  • Visual-Spatial Thinking
  • Auditory Processing
  • Fluid Reasoning
  • Processing Speed
  • Short-Term Memory
  • Quantitative Knowledge
  • Reading-Writing Ability


Get 100 free practice questions. provides practice questions for Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Cognitive Abilities and Woodcock-Johnson test prep ideas you can use with your child.

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15 Responses

paula says:

My daughter is a very bright 4yr old who passed her regular kindergarten entrance exam however due to her birthday they r doing a woodwork test.

Karen says:

Although some of the subtests of the Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Cognitive Abilities (Third Edition) can be combined to get an IQ, it’s not considered a first choice for that purpose. It’s primarily used as a test of how a child processes different kinds of information or performs on tasks measuring certain narrow cognitive skills.

Sharon says:

Is there anywhere a school with limited can buy used testing materials like the Woodcock-Johnson (even if it is an older edition)?

kristonknny says:

My son and niece are both going to be tested for PRE-K 4. We will have our test date by November 10, the test dates will be in January and February of 2013. Is there a study schedule with this program? Their teacher at daycare is also willing to use what ever prep I choose, so not only will they have it every day but also at home.

What is recommended? They will be taking the Woodcock Johnson III Test of Achievement, Brief Achievement-Three Test. Letter Word Identification, Applied Problems, and Spelling/English. says:

We have practice questions for the Woodcock Johnson III exam on the Testing Mom site. Just select our Top 1% memberships to get instant access to the sample questions that will help you and your caregiver prepare your son and niece.

kristonknny says:

Never mind I found it!!! It wasn’t listed under Woodcock Johnson, I am supposed to be using the WPPS. Is that right? says:

Yes, just click on the Woodcock Johnson III below WPPSI and that will take you to the practice questions for the WJ III.

achaplot says:

i want practice questions for Woodcock johnson III for pre-k 4 grade testing. Where can I find it? i bought the membership already. says:

Just go the home page (make sure you are logged in – far upper right side) and then on the left side bar the list of practice questions is there. Scroll down and you’ll see the Woodcock Johnson III practice questions there.

catharine says:

Why is it that my son took the woodcock johnson III for testing with isd and passed but his reading skills are not where they are stating he is at what can i do about it his teacher and principal saying he needs help what can i do

keerthih says:

Hi,My son took COGAT and ITBS and he got less in ITBS and I think they will be doing woodcock johnson test,he says there will be analogies too,Is there any more questions where I can practice with him?

csc says:

Hi,It appears as though there are different types of WJ tests; cognitive abilities or achievement being the main two categories.. Do you have study material/practice tests for the abilities cluster? Thx

jjgourlay says:

give me some example questions free

Lisa says:

Preparing for gifted program.

lini says:

Are there any other comparable tests?