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What is Testing Mom?

Testing Mom is the leader in online learning and test prep. Our fully accredited after-school learn at home program includes access to over 35 top educational programs, 3 libraries with over 17,000 online books, over 100,000 practice questions, interactive games, free classes, lessons for your kids, and access to 1-on-1 expert tutors.

What skills will my child develop?

Our skill-building academy – included with your Testing Mom membership – comes with access to over 35 additional educational websites (see the list inside – our partners will shock you!). These expert-selected programs develop language and reading comprehension, mathematics, science, social studies, financial literacy, and even technical skills like programming.

How can my child get started?

Sign-up for one of the webinars above! These classes are led by some of our education experts and provide an entry point to the wonderful educational enrichment experience here at Testing Mom. Contact the Parent Success Team at any time with questions regarding how we can help your child’s education by emailing