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“Testing mom was a huge help in preparing our 1st grader for gifted testing through her school. The sample questions teach your child “how” to think and how to “approach” the many different styles of questions. Having been a hands-on mom with school work for the past 6 years, I can tell you that the preparation at Testing Mom is unlike anything that the classroom teaches your child. Our daughter was accepted into the gifted program and we are happy to know that she will be with classmates and teachers that are eager and willing to learn and teach one another!”

Elena, Mother in Bellevue

Seattle, Washington

“We want to thank you – our daughter took the kindergarten G&T test and scored in the 99th percentile. We and her teachers thought she should be tested and my wife thought prepping her a bit would be a good idea. So, we did, and thanks to your variety of questions at a reasonable price, she did great! She has qualified for the Citywide program in NYC!”

Steven, Father in Manhattan

New York, New York

“I am very, very happy that I purchased a membership to the website. The content there helped my son to achieve the scores he needed to qualify for the services I was seeking from his school. I was very impressed by the helpfulness of the staff and the founder, Karen Quinn. My son had to take a test that did not exactly match any of the many tests on the TestingMom site. Karen Quinn, the founder, personally put together an exhaustive study plan for my son. I couldn’t be happier, and I highly recommend”

Raj, Father in Frisco

Dallas, Texas

“Excellent site and great tutoring service available. I have used Testing Mom many times not only for test prep, but also to enrich beyond the classroom. Our tutor Jill was fantastic and highly-qualified, not to mention excellent and patient with kids. She quickly identified my kids’ academic strengths and weaknesses so we could make every session count for CogAT prep. My kids’ scored very highly on the test—enough to qualify them both for gifted classes. Highly recommend.”

Jen, Mother in Houston

Houston, Texas

“Your materials made the difference – THIS YEAR, SHE QUALIFIED. Last year, almost to this day, I wrote you to let you know that although I subscribed to your free emails, I didn’t use your program to help my daughter prepare. This year, I committed to preparing her and I have got to say that I can NOT believe the difference it made. She got a verbal 95 and a nonverbal 99 and her overall score was 98!!! I honestly can’t believe it. Just doing a few minutes each day made this huge difference. I cannot thank you enough.”

Lynne, Mother in Brooklyn

New York, New York