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Karen Quinn, an expert in gifted and talented and school admissions testing, has developed a program that is proven to at least double a child’s chances of meeting the eligibility requirements for gifted and talented programs. With 1000’s of OLSAT practice questions and over 40 skill-building programs to help your child develop the skills needed for the OLSAT, you and your child will have every possible resource required to ace the OLSAT and all of the tests they will face.

What is the OLSAT Test?


The OLSAT is an intelligence test that is often used as a gifted screening test from Kindergarten through high school to measure reasoning and thinking abilities. We have practice questions for the OLSAT for Pre-K through 8th Grade. In many cities, the test is often administered in combination with an achievement test.

Success on the OLSAT is dependent on 7 abilities.


These include listening and focusing, language, knowledge and comprehension, memory, mathematics, visual spatial reasoning, and cognitive skills. Mastery of these skills will help your child with the OLSAT. Our practice questions are divided by category, making it easy to find questions in each of these areas.

How should we prepare for the OLSAT?


We have thousands of practice questions available on our site, including ones you can print. We also offer interactive questions and games. Get started today with 100 free sample questions.