NEW Gifted Testing Verbal Concepts Flash Cards pack (for Pre-K-2nd Grade)




NEW Gifted Testing Verbal Concepts Flash Cards pack (for Pre-K-2nd Grade)
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A Fun Way to Build Gifted-Style Verbal Thinking On the Go!

Strengthen Skills for Early Testing

Teach children the concepts using flash cards that they need to score well on early childhood verbal assessments, including the OLSAT®, CogAT®, WPPSI™, WISC®, Stanford-Binet®, AABL®, ITBS®, IOWA®, Bracken, SRT, KBIT™, Terra Nova®, SAT®10 and more!

Teaches These Concepts:

Temporal (time)
Spatial (location)
Quantity (math)
Quality (description)

Covers essential vocabulary and concepts kids
need for verbal tests and school success.

Improve Your Child’s:

  • Ability to follow directions skills
  • Aural reasoning skills
  • Listening skills
  • Verbal skills
  • Quantitative reasoning skills
  • Language and vocabulary skills


Open the Package and Let the Fun Begin!!


Our Gifted Testing Flash Cards include 72 cards with up to four key concepts each for 175 concepts total.

Teach your child concepts such as top/middle/bottom, up/down, over/under/through, next to/beside/near, in front of/behind, before/after, between, near/far, above/below, diagonal/vertical/horizontal, and 150 more—all the easy-to-hard concepts Pre-K to 2nd Graders need to master for testing and school success.

On the back of each card, you’ll find additional questions to ask your child to deepen his or her understanding of each concept. You’ll enjoy 450+ additional questions total for hours of play and learning.

Gifted Testing Flash Cards are not just for students applying to gifted programs – these vocabulary cards cover temporal, spatial, quantity, and quality concepts all children are expected to master for school readiness and success. Learning these concepts will strengthen your child’s abilities in the following areas: following directions, aural reasoning, listening, quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning and vocabulary.

Provides Hours of Offline Fun! Offers you and your child the chance to play and learn together while reducing screen time. Go through the flash cards with your child to learn each concept, then reinforce them throughout the day for lasting learning.

Plus, while you play with the Gifted Testing Flash Cards, you’ll be preparing your child for better scores on early childhood verbal assessments. A high score can open doors to gifted and talented, GATE, or G&T programs, as well as placement in advanced groups in public school and entrance to competitive private schools.


Build a Strong Foundation for a Lifetime Love of Learning


  • 90% of your child’s brain develops in the first 5 1/2 years of life.  Take advantage of those critical early years!
  • Engage your children in learning with these colorful flash cards featuring our signature entertaining characters
  • Reduce screen time with an entertaining option for offline play
  • Understand the skills your child needs so you can help reinforce them and encourage growth on a daily basis
  • Take the flash cards anywhere you go – to Grandma’s house, on a road trip, to a restaurant – for on-the-go learning and fun
  • Create a powerful bond with your child by learning and playing together


Gifted Thinking Flash Cards are only available through —
and there’s nothing else like them on the market!


Created by Experts, Loved by Kids!!


These flashcards were developed by Karen Quinn, author of Testing for Kindergarten, and the educational team. While tutoring 4 and 5-year-olds for the OLSAT® verbal test, Karen realized that most young kids don’t have a firm grasp of the concepts being assessed. She knew bright, colorful cards would help her teach this vocabulary in a fun, effective way. She couldn’t find any in stores or online, so she created them for you and your family! has already helped 400,000+ kids score higher on their assessments to open up a world of opportunities through playing our fun, educational games.

Our Gifted Testing Flash Cards can do the same for your child!

Plus, if you already own the IQ Fun Pack, these Gifted Testing flash cards will bring your family hours more of fun when playing with the game board! Just use these flashcards instead of the online interface to generate questions while playing Side 1 of the game board!

Use Gifted Testing Flash Cards in place of the online interface to generate questions while playing side 1 of the IQ Fun Pack game board!


Gifted Testing Flash Card 1 Gifted Testing Flash Card 2


“I really love these flash cards. They are brightly colored with silly characters that made my little Sophie laugh when she played with them. Each card teaches a few concepts/vocabulary that all young children need to master – words like first, second, third/top, middle, bottom/above, below, between/inside, outside/on, off/high, low/up, down, sideways/over, under/beginning, end, and much more.

Also, there are questions you can ask your child on the back of each card, so they’ll keep you and your little one busy for a long time. The cards are portable and will be great to use when traveling this summer. When I went through them with Sophie, I let her keep all the cards she knew – I kept the others. In the end, she had more than I did, so she won! Yay! She loves to win. I highly recommend these cards.”  Reading Fool.

“I’m a former teacher and now homeschool mom. I’ve seen a bunch of curriculum and I’ve bought a bunch. These are worth it. Truly.”  Mindy Brooke Franklin

“TestingMom is really trying hard to make teaching our precious ones as easy as possible. I’ve used their website and it works great at achieving those objectives for 3.5 year olds and up. I highly recommend that route for the older age group ready for their first big test. For the tougher scenarios, you really need to go back to basics with flash cards and tangible objects. These cards help a bit on their first try at teaching kids basic concepts. If they’re ever coming up with a second edition, some more details that delineate the age group for the type of question on the back of the flash card might help parents focus on what is necessary.

Overall, it’s far better than going at it alone since parents are not the test takers. My first child was easy to set up and practice a little bit daily, but my second one is a disaster trying to even get some of the basics such as sitting still and pointing right.

In any event, listen to TestingMom’s advice and work on it as closely as possible, and don’t deviate from it to succeed. My advice is to spend a lot of time and be creative to make this exercise fun. We were one of the very few very lucky ones to have a child pass the test with an almost perfect score and got selected by a lottery to attend one of the few CityWide schools, so we have a foggy idea how much work is needed.”  Amazon Customer

“Great way to identify skills we have mastered and those we still need to work on. The cards are easy to use and can be used over and over again.”  kjc0906


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Customer reviews

“I think these flash cards are a very helpful tool summarizing the concepts a child needs to know to be successful in kindergarten. You can find the same information by reading through tomes of board of education standards or if you value your time, by purchasing the flashcards. In some way, they can be compared to brainquest or smarty pants or any other flashcards for kids, but these are more entertaining, feel like a game, and encompass so many concepts in such a small box. Good product.”  Elena from Chicago


“My son has to prepare for an IQ test to get into the same school as his sister so we decided to try the flashcards as well. They have been a big hit. Especially when we do not want to utilize the tablet or computer for learning. I would highly recommend these, even just to practice some higher level concepts for younger kids (although my 8 yo loves playing with them, too).”  CO Mom


“We were at my sister-in-law’s house in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn and their daughter had these flash cards. My son was enthralled with the cards and actually tried to take the pack with him when we left their house! I immediately purchased since he loves them so much and we are preparing for the New York City gifted and talented test for next year. He wants to take cards with him everywhere we go (including into the bath tub)! The little space babies seem to resonate with him and have helped him learn these concepts. I never thought about him needing to know these words prior to using practice questions with him.  I would highly recommend to any parent who has a little one taking the G&T test.”  Theo in Brooklyn

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