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CogAT® Test (Cognitive Abilities Test™)

CogAT Test (Cognitive Abilities Test) is used to screen kids for their gifted and talented, GATE and advanced placement programs. The test is a difficult because these types of questions on the CogAT test aren’t the type of information that’s being taught in the classroom. The CogAT is separated into three subsets and categories within each subset:


  • Picture – Verbal Analogies
  • Sentence completion
  • Verbal pictures
  • Classification


  • Number analogies
  • Number series
  • Number puzzles
  • Figure matrix

Non-verbal or spatial

  • Figure classification
  • Paper folding

In 2011, the publisher of the CogAT test, Riverside Publishing, updated the test from Form 6 to Form 7. The biggest differences between the two forms are the questions for the kindergarten, first grade and second grade levels.  Due to school districts lack of funding some schools are still using the older CogAT Form 6 while some are using the updated CogAT Form 7. If your child is third grade or above there is very little difference between the two forms so practice CogAT Form 7 questions.

The author of the CogAT test is a professor at the University of Iowa named David Lohman. Here’s an overview of his impressive background:

  • Earned a doctorate in educational psychology from Stanford University
  • Served as chair of the division of Psychological and Quantitative Foundations at University of Iowa
  • Taught at:
  • University of British Columbia,
  • University of Yucatan,
  • Leiden University


Prior to working in academia Dr. Lohman worked as a chemist and as a teacher at the Montana School for the Deaf and Blind.

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