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CogAT 3rd Grade Practice Test

The Third grade CogAT® builds on the second grade test, while also highlighting the more advanced nature of the questions. The “Verbal Classification” and “Sentence Completion” subtests are noticeably more difficult than the second grade test. These sections demand that a  student has developed a more expansive vocabulary, ability to understand synonym usage (particularly on the verbal classification subtest) and an ability to associate words with their related categories. Additionally, sections such as the “number analogies” subtest highlight subtle number relationships, while also requiring that the student add and subtract different numerical quantities. Examples of these specific skill sets will be demonstrated in the sample questions below:

100 Free Practice Questions

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1.) Quantitative Battery: Number Puzzles

In this section, you will be given a mathematical equation. Choose the answer that should replace the ? or the symbol.

Cogat 3rd Grade Number Puzzle Sample Questions

2.) Verbal Battery: Sentence Completion

Choose the word that best completes the sentence below.

Cogat 3rd Grade Sentence Completion Question

3.) Non-Verbal Battery: Figure Classification

In the Figure Classification subtest, the child is shown 3 figures on the left that are related in some way. The child must choose an answer on the right that goes with the first 3 figures in exactly the same way. When the question get harder, the 3 figures are on the top and the answer choices are below, but the reasoning is the same.

The first 3 figures on the left (or, on top) relate to each other in some way. Find a figure to the right of the line (or, below the line) that goes with the first 3 figures in exactly the same way.

Cogat 3rd Grade Figure Classification Question

4.) Quantitative Battery: Number Series

Look at the numbers in each row below. There is a rule that governs the order in which the numbers occur in the series. Figure out the rule and then chose the number that comes next from the answer choices below.

Cogat 3rd Grade Number Series Question

5.) Verbal Battery: Verbal Analogy

The first two words in the sentences below go together in a certain way. Choose the answer that goes with the third word in the sentence the same way that the first and second words go together.

Cogat 3rd Grade Verbal Analogy Question


1.) C. 3

2.) C.

3.) C- even number of points

4.) A. 36 (Subtract 4)

5.) C.

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