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CogAT Practice Test and Sample Questions

Wondering what kinds of questions your child will be asked on the CogAT® (Cognitive Abilities Test™)? Here is a CogAT Practice Test with five sample questions.

IMPORTANT: While the CogAT sample questions shown on this page are representative of what your child will see on the exam, they aren’t taken directly from the actual test that’s being administered this year.

100 Free Practice Questions

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CogAT Sample Question #1 — Number Analogies:

Begin by looking  at the pictures in the top two boxes. They are related to each other mathematically. Now look at the pictures in the bottom box. Can you find an answer choice that is related to the picture on the bottom in the  same way the two pictures on top are related?
CogAT Practice Test Sample Question Number Analogies

CogAT Sample Question #2 — Verbal Classification:

Look at the words on top. They are alike in some way and go together. Now look at the words on the bottom. Choose one word from the answer choices that goes with the words on top in the same way.

Guitar      Banjo      Harp

A. Trombone      B. Trumpet      C. Flute      D. Violin      E. Instrument

CogAT Sample Question #3 — Figure Matrices 2:

Look at how the two figures on top go together. The third figure on the bottom must go with the fourth figure in the same way that the first two figures go together. Choose the fourth figure that belongs in the empty box to complete this puzzle.
CogAT Practice Test Sample Question Figure Matrices Question

CogAT Form 7 Sample Question #4 — Number Series:

Look at the numbers in the top row below. There is a rule that governs the order in which the numbers occur in the series. Figure out the rule and then choose the number that comes next from the answer choices below.

2     7     12     17     22      ___


A. 23     B. 25     C. 27     D. 29      E. 31

CogAT Sample Question #5 — Verbal Analogies:

Look at how the two pictures on top go together. The third picture on the bottom must go with the fourth picture in the same way that the first two pictures go together. Choose the fourth picture that belongs in the empty box to complete this puzzle.
CogAT Practice Test Sample Question Verbal Analogies

(Answers: 2nd from left, D, 4th from left, C, 4th from left)

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28 Responses

Lauren says:

I really am glad about this little sample test, because I am taking a CogAT test later today. You see, I am 11 years old, (12 in 3 months :D) but I am taking 8th grade and high school classes on my online program. I am taking this CogAT test so just in case I go back to the schools of my town, I will be able to do an honors class, but I would only go back at my high school age, because middle school does not provide honors classes in the way high school does.

Chelsea says:

The links are really helpful. The link below only shows Pre-K to 4th Grade levels’ practices. I really need the 6th grade practice. Thanks for the info though!

Sam says:

Hi Chelsea,

I’d recommend visiting this page:https://www.testingmom.com/cpc/cogat-practice-questions/ to sign up for 50 free cogat questions. There will be some for 6th grade in there.

ankurja says:

it was great

Poojajain81 says:

It was a great test.
I liked it.

Deetya says:

This testingmom.com is really helping me out in my schoolwork. I am only 10 years old in 4th grade, but I’m doing 4th and 5th grade english and math. I would recommend testingmom.com to change on thing. I think they should keep on adding more links. I am going to recommend this website to my friends and every other kid.

Preetham says:

Thank you. This gave me an idea of the TAG test.

wen says:


Kaiden says:

This is amazing my kid got passed the test cause of this

Josephine says:

This is really a great idea

Dave says:

In question one, we can say the second racket picture has two fewer rackets, and therefore the second tennis ball picture should have two fewer balls, i.e., answer “second from the left”. This is a valid answer, and the answer you give at the end.
Of course, you could also say that the upper pictures show multiple vs. single rackets, and therefore the lower pictures should show multiple vs single balls, i.e., answer “third from the left”. This, like the other, is a perfectly valid answer, yet in an actual test you would count it as incorrect.
Unless and until you are able to account for multiple perspectives in questions like this, your test is seriously flawed.

TestingMom.com says:

Please keep in mind the child needs to select the best possible answer as some may actually be acceptable but they are not the best answer for the Cogat practice questions.

zehrapirani says:

I love testing mom

Amit.kumar16 says:

Hey I am 8 in 5 grade and testing mom helped me practice for the COGAT test!

Swati says:

Really helpful and informative..

sandhya_mkumar says:

This is awsome.

yuhangwu2009 says:

I am very glad that Yuhang finally found something to practice for.

Zhang says:

Thank you

Zhang says:

Thank you,this website is great

gabriella.peter says:

Thank you for letting learn!

Coolestmom22 says:

Thank you for the free sample test

Mary says:

Fun sample..”.thanks so much

Kyle says:

Answers for the questions:

The answers could vary depending on your point of view, but the most logical for me is the answer with 3 balls because the tennis ball numbers are 2 more than the racket. Also you could also say 2 because 3 divided by 3 is 1 and if you divide the 5 it is about 1.666667, which rounds to 2

Again, the answers could vary because of your perspective, but the most easy one to pick out is answer D, which is the violin because all of the instruments have strings and you can pluck them. Also all of those answers could work too (except answer E) because they are instruments, but then again, that is a way less broad perspective and is not an example of out-of the box thinking.

This question requires more logical thinking, as 2 of them may seem as they work (2nd and 4th figure) but be careful! If you put the 4th figure and the other matching figure together, they overlap a bit on the top right. The point is to fill all the side spaces, as shown on the 1st and 2nd quadrant. The 2nd figure when put on top of the 3rd quadrant exactly fills all side spaces, which follows the pattern.

The answer is C because the numbers are increasing by 5 each time.

The answer is the bed. Some people may think that it is the baby table because the baby can fit in that also but if you look at the baby it is lying down and sleeping, which is almost impossible in that type of table. Also the analogy up above shows that the bird’s claws are shaped in a way that they would be sitting on something, which is what birds do in bird cages.

aileen.silvanajera845 says:

thank you i love this questiopns in love gbbbxs

p_senthils says:

very fun to do

Cogat Practice Test Grade 2 says:

I really enjoy reading your post. You introduce such a wonderful cogat question sample that will help many students to compete in the cogat test.

Tanmayi says:

Would like to see sample questions

Bainsaman86 says:

Very useful