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CogAT Form 7 FAQ for Testing Success

At TestingMom.com, we’ve helped thousands of parents help prepare their children for the CogAT. Here’s our answers to the most commonly asked questions we receive about the CogAT Form 7.

Where can I find CogAT practice questions?

We offer 100 free practice questions for gifted tests, including the CogAT, right here on TestingMom.com!

100 Free Practice Questions

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Is the CogAT timed?

Yes, there is a time limit for each section. It’s usually about 10 – 12 minutes.

Can my Child use scrap or scratch paper?

For math questions, the test instructions allow scratch paper. However, it is up to the school if  they want to provide it or not. We recommend asking the school or test administrator beforehand if scratch paper will be provided. This way, your child can prepare accordingly.

Will my child have to use a bubble sheet?

Yes, be sure to have your child complete our bubble sheet lesson to be sure that they know how to fill in a bubble sheet.

Will they test at the second grade level if my child is just entering second grade or the first grade level?

Schools do have leeway as to which test they give at different grade levels. We’ve seen schools administer above grade level CogAT tests when they are looking for the most advanced students for a gifted and talented program. We’ve also seen schools give tests for the previous grade level when they test the child at the beginning of the year.

I noticed on the paper folding practice in the top section for the younger grades (K, 1st, 2nd) that the questions get difficult with double diagonal folding.

By starting with the easiest questions, your child will build their skills (and gain confidence). The easier questions are able to serve as the foundation for the  more challenging questions. You may be surprised at how far your child can go if they start at the beginning.

Click here for our comprehensive information page on the CogAT.

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2 Responses

Kelly says:

What accommodations do you have for children with ADHD and those with dyslexia?

Asma says:

Is that test will take once or it take in each grade,what is the purpose of the cogAt test