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Best Methods for CogAT Test Prep

The questions on the CogAT cover cognitive abilities that are not specifically taught in school. These are abstract thinking abilities such as problem solving, classifying and categorizing, recognizing patterns and sequences, reasoning with shapes and figures, deductive and inductive reasoning, mathematical reasoning, and more.

Watch for these common mistakes. At TestingMom.com, we have seen that children, no matter how bright they are, don’t always perform well on tests when they have no test-taking experience, and specifically, no practice with the format and structure of a particular test. They misunderstand directions, lose focus, fail to consider all answer choices, don’t listen carefully to the questions asked, give up when they aren’t sure, fail to eliminate obviously wrong answers when they have to guess, rush, lose time getting stuck on hard questions, and more.

As you observe your child working through this practice test, watch for these common mistakes and gently make corrections. You’re your guidance and lots of practice, your child will be able to perform at his or her true ability for a fair and accurate evaluation during the actual test.

Since the CogAT® is a cognitive test that assesses your child’s thinking and reasoning abilities in areas of language, math and spatial relations, using TestingMom.com’s variety of different practice questions can be very helpful in building the underlying skills, experience, and confidence your child will need to do well. The test itself is given in black and white, although many of our site’s practice questions are shown in color to make the test preparation process feel more interesting and fun for children.

How to get the most out of CogAT practice tests and questions

When working through a CogAT practice test and questions, make sure your child is working in a quiet and well-lit area where he or she can focus and do their best while working through questions. We suggest doing these batteries in 3 separate sittings, with a rest period between each battery, which is similar to the breaks that will be given when your child is tested in school.

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Separate the practice test from the instructions in this booklet. Staple or clip the practice test together.
  • Have some soft, black #2 pencils and good erasers to use.

When Your Child Is Taking the Practice Test:

  • Give your child one set of questions at a time. First, go through the sample questions in the set to make sure your child knows what to do.
  • Then, allow your child to work through the rest of the questions if you don’t need to read individual question prompts.
  • Read instructions exactly as they are written. Do not paraphrase them.
  • For Sentence Completion questions, read through each question prompt. On the actual test, questions will not be repeated, so encourage your child to listen carefully to the question when you ask it.
  • Give your child breaks as needed – ideally, take a break between each Battery of 3 question sets.
  • Once the practice test starts, don’t give your child feedback or help during the practice test unless he or she is confused about what to do. Go over answers after the test is over.
  • At the end of each set of questions, give your child positive feedback for working hard and doing his or her best!

For additional preparation for CogAT, join TestingMom.com where we have hundreds more practice questions for your child, along with engaging on-line prep games.

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