CogAT by Grade Level

The CogAT is one of the most challenging tests administered for admission to a gifted program.  It is also the most frequently given test for this purpose in the United States. offers practice questions and materials for CogAT from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade. View our free sample questions below:

With a paid membership to, you have full access to all of our printable and interactive questions for the CogAT.  Here are the number of interactive questions you have access to with TestingMom by grade level*!

     Grade/Level                         Number of Questions

Kindergarten/Level 5/6                      635
First Grade/Level 7                             532
Second Grade/Level 8                        733
Third Grade/Level 9                            443
Fourth Grade/Level 10                        347
Fifth Grade/Level 11                            272
Sixth Grade/Level 12                           379
Seventh Grade/Level 13                      238
Eighth Grade/Level 14                         178

The advantage to TestingMom is that we provide you with access to all grade levels! When preparing for a test such as the CogAT, we recommend starting one to two levels below your child’s current grade and working your way through and beyond their current grade level.

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*We’re always updating our website, so this is the minimum number of questions your child will have access to!

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I like testingMom


Thank you!


Very good

How much does Cogat tests 5th and 6th grade cost, is it online? Send me details.


Where is test samples for 9th grade students?

Hi Florence –

Unfortunately, our testing materials for the CogAT only extend to the 8th grade.

All the best,


I signed up for an account but I can’t get access to the free 100 questions. Please help.

You can always use this link: 100 Free Questions.

See if supports your child’s test by your school district. If you don't see your child's school district listed, check with us! We have practice for other tests as well.

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