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Your child is excited and ready to learn.

As a parent, you want to give your child every chance to get ahead.

But is their school doing enough to help them excel?

Our Get Ahead Tutoring Program propels young learners to new heights. Give your student the expert, customized support they need with Gifted and Talented test prep, Math and Writing skills, and more — so that your child can get ahead where it matters most.

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Get Ahead Tutoring —
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Specialist Tutors

Tutors for our Get Ahead program are handpicked for their expertise in working with students who want to excel in school. Sessions are scheduled around your child’s busy calendar.

Informative Assessments

Mindprint Cognitive assessment to uncover your child’s learning style ($199 value) plus Learning Assessments to establish academic baselines and measure progress.

Personalized Instruction

Tutors customize curriculum based on academic and learning styles strengths and weaknesses. Personalized homework is provided.

Parent Communication and Support

3 parent-tutor conferences per semester. Progress reports to keep parents informed. Dedicated, concierge support.

Choose The Program That Works Best For Your Child

All programs include tailored tracks for academic excellence:

Math Track

Mastering numbers for advanced numerical proficiency

Writing Track

Crafting excellence in written communication

Multi-subject Track

Holistic learning journey for comprehensive knowledge

Reading Comprehension Track

Navigating texts with precision

Gifted And Talented Tests

Accelerate preparation for test day confidence

Additionally, our programs encompass the following features:




Parent Meetings


Semester Program

7 Hours of Tutoring

14 half-hour sessions


7 one-hour sessions



Semester Program

14 Hours of Tutoring

28 half-hour sessions


14 one-hour sessions


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Why choose Get Ahead Tutoring?

Most tutoring programs are for kids who are struggling. Get Ahead Tutoring is for motivated students who want to reach their full potential - whether that’s getting ahead of where they are today, ahead of their classmates, or ahead of their grade level - this program will build your child’s skills - and inspire them toward higher levels of achievement!

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