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WPPSI™ Test (Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence)

The WPPSI-IV test is the updated version of the WPPSI-III test.  Even though the test has been updated, there is a lot of overlap between the types of activities and the underlying abilities covered by both tests. If your child finishes working with these practice questions for WPPSI-IV test, you can go back and do practice questions for WPPSI-III test as these will help build the same underlying skills that will be assessed in the new test.

Here is a list of the subtests found on the WPPSI™-III test. 


  • Information* – Children answer questions about a wide range of general interest topics that kids should know by the time they are tested (What color is a lemon?).
  • Vocabulary – Children are asked to define words (What is a mile?).
  • Word Reasoning** – These are like riddles.  Children are given 3 clues and must figure out what the word is (This is an animal…it has whiskers…it says “meow”).
  • Comprehension* – Children are asked to answer questions about social standards of behavior, cultural, or other concepts they should know by the time they are assessed (Why do children go to the doctor?).
  • Similarities* – A precursor to analogy questions, children are asked how two things are similar (The sun and fire are both what?).
  • Receptive Vocabulary – The child is asked to point to a picture that represents what the tester asks (Can you point to something plastic?).
  • Picture Naming – The child is shown a picture and asked what it is.



  • Block Design – The child recreates block patterns using red and white 3-D blocks with solid or diagonal designs.  Patterns are recreated after looking at actual models and at printed images.
  • Matrix Reasoning – The child has to figure out what is missing in a 4-box matrix based on the relationship between the pictures in the top two boxes.
  • Picture Concepts – The child chooses 2 to 3 pictures that belong together after looking at 2 to 3 rows of various pictures.
  • Symbol Search*** – (timed) The child is shown a symbol and must recognize if there is a matching symbol among the answer choices. (Replaced by Bug Search in the WPPSI-IV test).
  • Coding*** – (timed) The child uses a key to copy symbols below various shapes and figures. (Replaced by Animal Coding in the WPPSI-IV test).
  • Picture Completion** – the child must recognize what is wrong with a picture (the child must recognize that the word “STOP” is missing from a stop sign).
  • Object Assembly – (timed) the child must put together a simple puzzle outside of a frame.

*These are in the WPPSI-IV test, but they have been changed – now children point to pictures instead of answering with words

**These were dropped from the WPPSI-IV test

***These are on the WPPSI-IV test, but they have been modified

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