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NWEA MAP® Test Overview

What is the MAP Test?

The NWEA MAP Test (Measures of Academic Progress) creates a personalized assessment experience by adapting to each student’s learning level—precisely measuring progress and growth for each individual student. If your child correctly answers a question, the computer assessment provides a harder question next. If they miss that same question, then an easier question is asked. This provides essential information about what your child knows and is ready to learn.

The NWEA MAP is published by the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) and is given via computer to children in grades K-12. Its structure is cross-grade, which provides measurement of students who perform on, above, and below grade level. It is multiple choice and provides questions that are depth of knowledge, so that you can see if your child performs at level 1, 2 or 3 of difficulty. The test is untimed, but students generally spend about 60 minutes per subject area. Feedback results are available in 24 hours. The MAP is not a high-stakes test, but is given to students at the beginning, middle, and end of the school year to measure a student’s academic achievement and calculate academic growth. The MAP gives teachers a way to focus and plan for how they use time for either intervening with students or providing enrichment (if your child qualifies) to challenge higher-level students.

The MAP Test assessments reveal precisely which academic skills and concepts your child has acquired and what he/she is ready to learn. MAP assessments are grade independent and adapt to each student’s instructional level, so that you can track your child’s achievement and notice trends to help with setting objectives. Every item on a MAP assessment is anchored to a vertically aligned equal interval scale, called the RIT scale for Rasch UnIT—a stable measurement, like inches on a ruler, that covers all grades. Because the measurement is reliable and accurate, RIT scores serve as an essential data point in a student’s learning plan; educators can see their precise learning level and respond accordingly.

NWEA MAP Skill Assessment for Primary Grades – Reading and Language Usage

Screening Assessment

Diagnostic test with results reported in number correct

  • PRI-READ-Screening (Early Literacy)

Skills Checklist Assessments

Diagnostic tests with results reported in both percent and number correct

  • PRI-READ-Skills (Consonant Blends/ Digraphs)
  • PRI-READ-Skills (Decode: Multi-Syllable Words)
  • PRI-READ-Skills (Decode: Patterns/ Word Families)
  • PRI-READ Skills (Letter Identification)
  • PRI-READ-Skills (Manipulation of Sounds)
  • PRI-READ-Skills (Matching Letters to Sounds)
  • PRI-READ-Skills (Phoneme Identification)
  • PRI-READ Skills (Phonological Awareness)
  • PRI-READ-Skills (Syllable Types: CVC, CVCe, R-Control)
  • PRI-READ-Skills (Vowel Digraphs/ Diphthongs)

Survey w/ Goals Assessments

Adaptive tests with results reported in RIT scores

  • PRI-READ-Survey w/ Goals (PhonAware, Phonic, ConPrnt)
  • PRI-READ-Survey w/ Goals (Vocab, Comprehen, Writing)

Science – Concepts, Processes and General Science

  • General Science covers specific science concepts within the three major domains of science: Life sciences, earth and space sciences, and physical sciences.
  • Concepts and Processes measures a student’s performance in both the processes used in science and the major themes underlying the science disciplines.

Test items for MAP for Science are helpful for assessing students up to and including 10th grade, prior to more specialized science curriculum in upper high school. MAP for Science is aligned to state standards, and to the two national standards established:

  • The American Association for the Advancement of Science Benchmarks for Science Literacy
  • The National Research Council’s National Science Education Standards


Screening Assessment

Diagnostic test with results reported in number correct

  • PRI-MATH-Screening (Early Numeracy)

Skills Checklist Assessments

Diagnostic tests with results reported in both percent and number correct

  • PRI-MATH-Skills (Comp:10 – Using Manipulatives)
  • PRI-MATH-Skills (Comp:10 – Using Numbers)
  • PRI-MATH-Skills (Comp:10 – Problem Solving)
  • PRI-MATH-Skills (Comp:20 – Using Manipulatives)
  • PRI-MATH-Skills (Comp:20 – Using Numbers)
  • PRI-MATH-Skills (Comp:20 – Problem Solving)
  • PRI-MATH-Skills (Comp:100 – No Regroup – Using Manipulatives)
  • PRI-MATH-Skills (Comp:100 – No Regroup – Using Numbers)
  • PRI-MATH-Skills (Comp:100 – No Regroup – Problem Solving)
  • PRI-MATH-Skills (Comp:100 – w/ Regroup – Using Manipulatives)
  • PRI-MATH-Skills (Comp:100 – w/ Regroup – Using Numbers)
  • PRI-MATH-Skills (Comp:100 – w/ Regroup – Problem Solving/ Estimating)
  • PRI-MATH-Skills (Comp:1000 – Using Manipulatives)
  • PRI-MATH-Skills (Comp:1000 – Using Numbers)
  • PRI-MATH-Skills (Comp:1000 – Problem Solving/ Estimating)
  • PRI-MATH-Skills (NumSense:10 – Count, Order, Place Value)
  • PRI-MATH-Skills (NumSense:10 – Representation)
  • PRI-MATH-Skills (NumSense:20 – Count, Place Value)
  • PRI-MATH-Skills (NumSense:20 – Representation)
  • PRI-MATH-Skills (NumSense:20 – Ordering)
  • PRI-MATH-Skills (NumSense:100 – Count)
  • PRI-MATH-Skills (NumSense:100 – Representation)
  • PRI-MATH-Skills (NumSense:100 – Ordering)
  • PRI-MATH-Skills (NumSense:100 – Place Value)
  • PRI-MATH-Skills (NumSense:1000 – Count)
  • PRI-MATH-Skills (NumSense:1000 – Representation)
  • PRI-MATH-Skills (NumSense:1000 – Ordering)
  • PRI-MATH-Skills (NumSense:1000 – Place Value)

Is this test timed?

No, this test is not timed. Children generally spend about an hour per subject.

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21 Responses

Crystal Martinez

Good Evening,

I’m seeing an assessment for a students present level for high school level. I work with 9th-12th grade. I need to find my students present level to write an accurate goal.

Thank you.


May I know when this MAP Practice Test will be supported?


When will MAP test questions will be available? For our school in New Jersey this is one of the core exams so appreciate any guidance on when practice questions will be available.

Mary Stelmach

May I know when this MAP Practice Test will be supported?


Hi Mary,

We currently have content that is found on the MAP Test, we just don’t have a dedicated section for it (by the end of the year). Please email us or call us at 877-609-6203 for more info!

Zahira Miu


Thank you for your reply, I’m looking for the NWEA Map year prep on your website. This was the reason that I’ve purchased your App. Can you bring lease let me know when it’s available, we’re desperately seeking for the NWEA Map test prep , thanks very much .


MAP Test is an additional tool but if teachers perform their jobs by identifying at the beginning of the year testing, continuous evaluations and improvement of the subject matter they can identify the weakness of a student and develop a means to return the student to the appropriate standard. This can not be done by testing 3 times a year. Also, using the test already available via mandated state test etc this also will tell the next year’s teacher where the student is in comparison to others and the standard. This program is a waste of resources and there are means available already for teachers and administrators to use they just need to use them.


When is Map Practice Test will be supported?


Really looking for MAP testing to be added to your suite, please let me know when that is added. I’m waiting for that be I sign up. Thanks!


any update on the MAP Practice test availability?


Can the student take MAP test on their own if the school don’t have the testing?/

Perry Ellison

Thank you for your post. This is a School Administered test and the publisher NWEA does not generally sell this test to the public for private use. We wish you the best in your search!
Thank you,


Hi! Can a student who has the accommodation of use of manipulatives use them during MAP testing? Thanks!

Marcus Bruner

Hi Aubree –

That would be a question best answered by your child’s school.

All the best,



Dear team

Thanks for the presentation.I wish to find out how I can generate the MAP testing questions

Marcus Bruner

Hi Christa –

We do have a section for the MAP test on our website. Currently, it is only setup for the 3rd grade but we do have recommendations for other sections to use on our website with a paid membership.

All the best,


Victoria Smith

My daughter school in Arkansas uses this test but doesn’t give me a report of it nor discuss with me any results. What should I as having a IEP child should be receiving from little rock school district and what should I be looking for as a parent without any knowledge?? I’m un a due process hearing now against them because my daughter is in 9th grade reading on 3/4th grade level barely. Any help, advice
Guidance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you


Hi Victoria,

Our test prep can be used for this test, but we are not affiliated with NWEA. I would like to apologize, but we are not qualified to make any recommendations based on your circumstances.


Dr. Cynthia Bowie

This MAP Overview – NWEA MAP is a wonderful resource go to packet to teach from. Students are on point and very much excited about learning.


Do you have MAP assessment practice tests available for 5th grade?



At this time, we only have prep for the MAP for grade 3. We are working on adding other grades for this test, but we do not have a designated time for it at this point. Please keep an eye out for when we do have this available on the site.

All the best,

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