OLSAT® Test (Otis-Lennon School Ability Test)

OLSAT® Test (Otis-Lennon School Ability Test)

The OLSAT® Test (the Otis–Lennon School Ability Test®) is designed to assess your child’s performance across a wide variety of reasoning skill sets. It is an intelligence test that can be given in a group setting, so schools use it frequently to assess children for gifted and talented programs.  In many cities, the test is combined with an achievement test (one that assesses what children have learned in school vs. reasoning skills) for gifted and talented qualification.  For the youngest children (pre-K, Kindergarten and first grade), the test is most often given one-on-one.  As children get older, it is administered in a group setting.  The test itself is in black and white, although many of our practice questions are in color to make preparation more interesting and fun for children.

The current version of the OLSAT given to students is the eight edition.  The first edition was published way back in 1979 as other editions were created every few years. The developer of the test is named Arthur Sinton Otis, PH.D. Unfortunately, Dr. Otis died before the first edition of the OLSAT test was published so he never saw his work in use with students. The publishing executive and editor was  Roger Thomas Lennon, Ph.D.. Dr. Lennon used the concepts as a school ability test.

Since the OLSAT is cheaper to administer and doesn’t require a psychologist many schools use this exam instead of traditional IQ tests like Stanford Binet and the WISC. Although, the accuracy of the OLSAT test compared to these IQ tests is less reliable.

The OLSAT test is designed for children K through 12th grade.

  • OLSAT level A for Kindergarten
  • OLSAT level B for first grade
  • OLSAT level C for second grader
  • OLSAT level D for third grade
  • OLSAT level E for fourth grade and fifth grade
  • OLSAT level F for sixth grade, seventh grade and eighth grade
  • OLSAT level H for high school students

The test can take up to one hour to administer especially for the students taking Level A and Level B tests considering those questions are read out loud to the students.

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