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OLSAT FAQ for Test Success

At TestingMom.com, we’ve gotten a lot of calls and a lot of questions from concerned parents regarding the OLSAT. We’ve also given a lot of answers. Here’s our comprehensive list of OLSAT FAQ asked by parents like you.

How long does the OLSAT take?

If the OLSAT is given to younger students (K – 2nd grade), the teacher sets the pace and the test may take up to about an hour.

For higher grade students, the test takes approximately one hour. Ten – twenty minutes are spent to fill out the ID info and answering sample questions on the bubble sheet. Students are then given 40 minutes to complete the entire test. Unlike the CogAT (a similar intelligence test) the OLSAT is not given section by section. They start at the beginning and move through the entire test. The same types of questions are not given together – all are mixed up throughout the test.

Is there a penalty for guessing on the OLSAT?

It is better to guess – there is no penalty for guessing. However, teach your child how to eliminate answers that are clearly wrong first, and then guess between the answers that are leftover (to increase the chances of guessing right!).

Are OLSAT questions read aloud to the children?

At the 2nd grade level, the questions are read aloud to the kids. Your child will probably be with a group of other students so when you practice, encourage him or her to listen carefully. When the teacher is reading the question, your child should either be looking at her or at the answer choices in her test booklet. They should not be looking around the room, at other students – they should focus on hearing what is being said.  This is especially important for the verbal questions.

Will they go through the questions one at a time?

Yes, they will go through questions one at a time.

Will the children answer on a separate answer sheet?

Some schools have the children use a separate bubble sheet – they reuse the test booklets. Other schools let the child mark an answer in the test booklet and they don’t have your child do our bubble lesson.

Will the student be able to revisit any question if they choose to?

Probably not, especially because the teacher reads the questions to the child.  Teach your child to look at every answer choice, then how to eliminate answers that are definitely wrong before choosing an answer. If they aren’t sure, they should guess between the answers that they did not eliminate.

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