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OLSAT Sample Questions: Free Practice Test

Wondering what kinds of questions your child will be asked on the OLSAT (Otis-Lennon School Ability Test)? Here are five free OLSAT practice questions to get an idea of the hundreds of OLSAT practice questions that we offer and what to expect on the OLSAT. Here are things to remind your child before taking the OLSAT.

Help Your Child Get Ready for the OLSAT Test

  • Understand the Test Format: Ensure your child is familiar with the online test format beforehand. This might include multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks, or essay type questions. Some online tests might also include multimedia components like images, audio, or video.
  • Technical Familiarity: Make sure your child knows how to use the necessary technology, whether it’s a computer, tablet, or another device. This includes logging in, navigating the test, saving their work, and submitting the test when they’re done.
  • Check Internet Connection: A stable and reliable internet connection is crucial for an online test. Check your connection prior to the test, and if possible, have a backup plan in case of any technical difficulties.
  • Prepare the Environment: Set up a quiet, distraction-free area for your child to take the test. Ensure they have all the necessary materials nearby – pen, paper, water, etc. Also, remind other family members to respect this space during the test time.
  • Time Management: Teach your child the importance of time management. If the test has a time limit, they should know how to allocate their time wisely – not spending too much time on one question and leaving enough time to review their answers.
  • Read Instructions Carefully: Instruct your child to read all test instructions and questions carefully. Misunderstanding a question can lead to an incorrect answer, even if they know the correct information.
  • Practice Tests: Encourage your child to take practice tests. This can help them become comfortable with the format and pacing of online tests, and can also provide valuable feedback on areas where they might need to study more.
  • Healthy Habits: Make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep before the test and eats a healthy meal before starting. Physical health can greatly influence mental performance.
  • Stay Calm: Reassure your child that it’s okay to be nervous, but they should try to stay calm and focused. If they get stuck on a question, it’s often best to move on and come back to it later if time allows.
  • Honesty and Integrity: Emphasize the importance of doing their own work and not looking up answers during the test (unless it’s an open-book test). Cheating might result in immediate failure and can have long-term negative consequences.

IMPORTANT: While the OLSAT sample questions shown on this page are representative of what your child will see on the exam, they aren’t taken directly from the actual test that’s being administered this year. For additional practice, sign up for our 100 free practice questions.

100 Free Gifted Practice Questions

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Preparing for the OLSAT with Practice

The OLSAT evaluates skills such as logical reasoning, mathematical reasoning, verbal understanding, and spatial visualization. The test consists of multiple-choice questions and is usually administered to students ranging from pre-kindergarten to high school. Here’s an overview of the main sections:

Verbal Section

  1. Verbal Comprehension: Measures your child’s ability to interpret and draw conclusions from oral and written language.
  2. Verbal Reasoning: Assesses your child’s ability to solve problems formulated in verbal terms.

Non-Verbal Section

  1. Pictorial Reasoning: Aimed at younger test-takers, this section evaluates your child’s ability to perceive relationships between images.
  2. Figural Reasoning: Assesses your child’s ability to understand and manipulate shapes, patterns and figures.
  3. Quantitative Reasoning: Measures your child’s ability to solve numerical problems and to understand relationships between numbers.

How to Help Your Child Prepare for the OLSAT Test

Understand the Format and Content

  • Familiarize yourself and your child with the format of the test, including types of questions and time limits.

Practice with OLSAT Practice Tests and Sample Questions

  • Make use of practice questions and mock tests that are available online or in prep books. These will help your child understand the kinds of questions they will encounter.

Develop Good Study Habits

  • Consistent and focused study time is more effective than last-minute cramming. Create a study schedule and stick to it.

Teach Time Management

  • Teach your child how to manage time effectively during the test. Practicing with timed sample questions can be particularly useful for this.

Build Strong Vocabulary and Math Skills

  • Since the test measures both verbal and mathematical skills, it’s good to keep your child engaged in activities that build a strong vocabulary and solid math fundamentals.

Work on Logical Reasoning

  • Encourage your child to solve puzzles and engage in activities that enhance logical reasoning skills.

Provide Emotional Support

  • Preparing for a test can be stressful for a child. Providing emotional support and positive reinforcement can help reduce anxiety and build confidence.

Review and Assess

  • After your child has taken a few practice tests, review the answers and explanations. Identify any weak areas and focus on improving those skills.

By following these guidelines, you can significantly contribute to your child’s readiness for the OLSAT test, thereby increasing their chances for a high score and possible placement into advanced educational programs.

100 Free Gifted Practice Questions

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We have tons of OLSAT practice materials for the 3rd grade, including all the math sections. Log-in to the Testing Mom web site, purchase a membership and you’ll gain instant access.

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