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NGAT (Naglieri General Ability Tests) – Overview

Unlock your child’s full academic potential with – Your Ultimate Naglieri General Ability Tests (NGAT) Test Prep Partner! Additionally, prepare confidently with our expertly crafted program, carefully designed by experienced educators. We offer a vast question bank covering verbal, nonverbal, and quantitative assessments. This ensures a comprehensive and well-rounded preparation experience. Therefore, choose for a journey toward success, where preparation becomes enjoyable and unlocks your child’s full potential. Join us today, and you will observe the confidence and skills that lead to success!

What are the Naglieri General Ability Tests (NGAT)?

The Naglieri General Ability Tests serve as a potent tool for assessing cognitive abilities, offering valuable insights into students’ reasoning and problem-solving skills.  Furthermore, the NGAT places a strong emphasis on fairness, particularly in its computer-based test that lacks spoken instructions, guaranteeing an unbiased evaluation for all students, regardless of their language or cultural background.

The NGAT has three distinct tests: Verbal, Nonverbal, and Quantitative.

Verbal Test: Students are assessed on verbal concepts and verbal reasoning—essential components for academic success.

Nonverbal Test: This segment focuses on spatial and nonverbal reasoning abilities, offering a language-independent measure of problem-solving skills.

Quantitative Test: Students are assessed on mathematical reasoning and problem-solving abilities.

The NGAT assesses thinking skills across diverse test sections, surpassing traditional tests. In the computer-based version, no oral instructions ensure fairness for all, demonstrating our commitment to equal opportunities.

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The Testing Mom Advantage

Testing Mom’s online test prep Testing Mom’s online test prep boosts students’ confidence and equips them with the skills and knowledge needed for successful assessments like the NGAT. Furthermore, explore how Testing Mom can provide assistance for the NGAT, and recognize the crucial role parents can play in this process.

Regular Practice: Consistent practice reinforces skills, and Testing Mom offers affordable online coaching. Schedule a call to learn how personalized support helps your child with the NGAT!

Extensive Study Material: presents a diverse array of study materials that align with the content of the NGAT. Moreover, this includes online practice questions (coming in early 2024), interactive games, skill-building exercises, and printable worksheets. Therefore, parents can select a customized learning method for an engaging NGAT study experience.

Customized Learning: The platform tailors learning content based on the child’s grade level, ensuring that the material is both suitable and challenging enough to enhance their performance in the NGAT. This approach, in turn, supports a comprehensive understanding and mastery of the cognitive abilities assessed by the NGAT.

Skill Development: The NGAT evaluates students’ abilities in verbal reasoning, nonverbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning. Additionally, offers focused practice and resources for NGAT success strategy development.

Parental Support: offers resources for parents, including a guide to understanding cognitive abilities testing, strategies for test preparation, and tips on supporting their child’s learning journey. Additionally, this complete assistance equips parents to successfully assist their child in preparing for the NGAT.

NGAT Test Quick Facts

Full NameNaglieri General Ability Tests
PublisherMulti-Health Systems Inc.
CreatorsJack Naglieri, Kim Lansdowne, Dina Bulles
Age Range4 – 18 years
Test FormatOnline or paper-and-pencil
Group or individually administered
Time per Skill20 – 30 minutes per section (can vary)
Test TypeMultiple Choice
Verbal, Quantitative, and Nonverbal

Why Testing Mom for NGAT Prep?

Testing Mom is the top choice for NGAT preparation, offering a diverse range of materials. Additionally, it emphasizes tailored learning for effective preparation and goes beyond standard methods, fostering essential skills. Ultimately, Testing Mom ensures your child’s success on the NGAT.

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