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With Our Proven Program, Students are 2x More
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With Our Proven Program, Students are 2x More
Likely to Qualify!

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Fully Accredited is the only accredited test prep program for students Pre-K to 8th Grade. Our program has been reviewed for quality and accredited by the National Council for Private School Accreditation and by Accreditation International.

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  • Thank you for the amazing site, game and daily questions. Both my twins scored in the 99th percentile on their gifted and talented test! I am spreading the word for!

    E.C., Mom in Queens, New York
  • not only took the work out of it but most of all the worry out of it. Thanks Testing Mom; you’re the best kept secret for parents going through this stressful process.

    Stacy B., Mom in Frisco, Texas
  • I could have purchased test prep workbooks, but with, I got the all the practice questions I needed for my child with experts who were ready to help me behind the scenes.

    Bruce, Brooklyn Father
  • Not only did give us practice questions, they showed me how to help my child focus, pay attention and not give up quickly when the questions got hard.

    Mike, Father in Dallas
  • I like the ability to give my children some familiarity with the testing – especially my 5-year-old, who has never taken a test before. Being a single parent is tough but with your site you've made prepping my kids easy AND fun! Thanks! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! :)

    Scott P., Single Parent Father
    Bakersfield, California
  • We got into our #1 choice in Boston, and couldn't be happier! Thanks again for all your help and we appreciate wisdom and insight. All of us are very excited and look forward to the upcoming school year!

    Anisha, Mom in Boston
Check out what our happy parents have to say

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With Our Proven Program, Students are 2x More
Likely to Qualify!


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