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CTP® 4R Test (Comprehensive Testing Program® 4R) – ERB (Educational Records Bureau)

CTP ERB Overview

The Comprehensive Testing Program® 4R (CTP® 4R Test) is an achievement/reasoning test that many independent schools around the country use to evaluate children for private school entry.  It was developed by the ERB (See * below).  It can be administered in an ERB office or at a school. There are 10 levels for this test, grades 1 – 11.  In the elementary grades, children take the test under untimed conditions.  Answers may be marked in a test booklet, or the test may be taken online.

Skill Assessment

CTP 4R covers the following:

  • reading
  • listening
  • vocabulary
  • writing
  • science (online only)
  • mathematics


Verbal and quantitative reasoning subtests are part of the CTP 4R beginning in Grade 3. The CTP 4R helps compare content specific, curriculum-based performance to the more conceptual knowledge-base found in reasoning tests.

Levels 1 and 2 of the test assess math and reading comprehension, along with word analysis and listening skills.  At level 3 (beginning with spring testing) the test measures math and reading comprehension, along with verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, writing and vocabulary.

Coming in 2018 will be the CTP 5 will be launched.  It will include many of the 4R materials.  But it will also include items at a higher depth of knowledge level, more conceptual understanding and problem solving in math and in language arts, an increased complexity, including nonfiction and inter-disciplinary content.

*ERB (Educational Records Bureau)

The ERB isn’t actually a test but rather the association that administers the tests for private schools in New York City and other areas across the United States. In NYC many people use the term ERB test, but what they are referring to is the WPPSI™ – III test.

The WPPSI test or Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence – Third Edition can be used in children from 2.6 to 7.3 years of age. The WPPSI test measures intellectual abilities in young children. There is a new shorter version of the WPPSI­­-III test that is fun for the child and more of taking the WPPSI test in a game format. Read more about the WPPSI test.

ERB is committed to the following:

  • Developing improved methods of testing student achievement
  • Reporting and interpreting individual and group test results to member schools
  • Supporting strong linkages among students, the curriculum, and assessment practices, through staff workshops and consultations with educators and measurement specialists

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