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How is the CTP Test Scored?

Your child’s scores on each test within the CTP will be shown in a table, comparing his score with other students’ scores. This creates the norm groups. A norm group is a group of schools with whom to compare your child’s school.

Percentile rank is the percentage of students in the norm group who scored lower than your child. (It is not the same as the percentage of the questions on the test that your child answered correctly.)

Stanine refers to a division of the norm group into nine score categories, from 1 (lowest) to 9 (highest). Stanine is used to compare scores from achievement tests to related reasoning test. Stanines are divided into three groups: Below average (1-3), Average (4-6) and Above Average (7-9).

Also scoring for the CTP will give you a graph that depicts the Percent Content Mastery scores by content standard. Percent Content Mastery Scores can have values between 0 and 100. These scores indicate the estimated percentage of items a student would respond to correctly if he could take all available items assigned to a particular content standard.


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