MindPrint Cognitive Assessment - Discover Your Child's Learning Strengths ONLY $119 (reg. $199)




MindPrint Cognitive Assessment - Discover Your Child's Learning Strengths ONLY $119 (reg. $199)

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Regular price $199.00 – Now only $119! for ages 8 to 18! 

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Does Your 8- to 18-Year-Old Struggle with Learning Challenges You’d Give Anything to Help them Overcome? 

A MindPrint Assessment will give you objective data showing your child’s natural strengths (where they likely excel), along with their innate challenges (where they likely need extra support).  Every child has a unique combination of learning strengths and needs.  If you know what they are, you can share them with your child’s teachers and tutors so they can personalize their approach when teaching them and won’t need to guess which instructional strategies will work best for your child.  After your child takes their assessment, you’ll get a tailored list of recommended learning strategies tied directly to your child’s strengths and needs!  A TestingMom.com expert will meet with you to go over your child’s results in detail. 

Discover What In-School Achievement Tests Can’t Tell You!

Give your child this fun, 1-hour assessment if you…

  • find their grades perplexing,
  • wonder if they are living up to their potential,
  • think they may be gifted or have a learning difference,
  • are looking for ways to support their homework or study skills,
  • want them to become more confident, independent learners,
  • want to help them succeed in school,
  • want real data to guide you, their teachers or tutors in helping them,
  • want to know if they would do better on the ACT or SAT.

MindPrint vs. Psycho-Educational Evaluations

MindPrint is a fraction of the time and cost of a psycho-educational evaluation – something that takes months to schedule, requires hours of consultation, and costs thousands of dollars.  Discover your child’s greatest strengths and core needs in the privacy, comfort and convenience of your home.  Pay $119 for a lifetime of insight!

Check out the sample report here and see why the MindPrint assessment is a no-brainer when it comes to your child’s education!

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About MindPrint

The MindPrint assessment is both effective and research-based. Founder & CEO, Nancy Weinstein, developed the assessment through the Brain Behavior Lab at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine. MindPrint focuses on assessing “memory, processing speed, attention, flexible thinking, verbal and abstract reasoning, and spatial perception using game-based and timed activities” and can be used by almost any child between the ages of 8 and 21 (Common Sense Education, 2018). The MindPrint cognitive assessment was developed by neuroscientists at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine.


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