Stanford-Binet® IV and V Tests What are the Stanford-Binet® IV and V Tests? The Stanford-Binet test (5th edition) is an IQ test that assesses your child’s intellectual quotient. A psychologist administers the test one-on-one to a child. The Stanford-Binet test assesses a child’s verbal, non-verbal/spatial, memory, reasoning and mathematical skills. Schools use this test frequently to assess children for gifted and talented programs. Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales®, Fifth Edition (SB5 ®) is a registered trademark of PRO-ED, Inc. and its affiliates (“PRO-ED”). PRO-ED does not sponsor or endorse any products or programs, nor has this product or program been reviewed, certified, or approved by PRO-ED. The questions used by are’s own materials, created based on publicly available information, and in no way do they correspond to actual SB5® testing materials. uses practice materials only; not actual test questions. Trademarks referring to PRO-ED are used for nominative purposes only and such trademarks are solely the property of their respective owner.
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