Bracken School Readiness Assessment™ What is the Bracken School Readiness Assessment™ (BSRA™ Test)? The Bracken School Readiness Assessment™ (BSRA™ Test) is an individual cognitive test designed for children, pre-K, Kindergarten, first and second grades. It contains 308 fundamental items that students should learn in their pre-K through 2nd-grade years. The test assesses knowledge of colors, numbers, counting, letters, sizes and comparisons, shapes, directions/positions, social/emotional concepts, texture/material, and time/sequence. Bracken School Readiness Assessment™ (BSRA™) is a registered trademark of Pearson Education, Inc. and its affiliates (“Pearson”). Pearson does not sponsor or endorse any products or programs, nor has this product or program been reviewed, certified, or approved by Pearson. The questions used by are’s own materials, created based on publicly available information, and in no way do they correspond to actual BSRA™ testing materials. uses practice materials only; not actual test questions. Trademarks referring to Pearson are used for nominative purposes only and such trademarks are solely the property of their respective owner.
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