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ISAAD Overview

Established in 2020, the ISAAD (Independent Schools Admission Association of Dallas) Test is a test administered to Kindergarten students for admission to certain private schools in Dallas.

For the 2023 – 2024 school year, schools requiring the ISAAD Test are:

The ISAAD Test is considered a first-grade readiness test. The test is administered online, so your child will need access to a computer, headphones, and a good internet connection.  Using the Chrome browser is recommended. In addition to your child’s access to a computer, parents will need their own internet-connected device (phone, tablet, computer) to join the Zoom Online Proctoring call for the duration of the assessment.

The ISAAD Test has a total of 72 questions, separated into four sections.  Each section has 18 questions.  The four sections are Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Early Literacy, and Mathematics.

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Free ISAAD Practice Test Verbal Reasoning Questions

High heel goes with tennis shoe.  What goes with scotch tape the same way high heel goes with tennis shoe?  4th bubble

These pictures tell a little story, but they are not in the right order. Choose the picture that happens third in the story.  Bottom right

Free ISAAD Practice Test Quantitative Reasoning Questions

Choose the picture on the very bottom that is missing from the empty box so that the shapes on the 2nd go together the same way as the shapes on the top.  B

Choose the answer on the right that completes the pattern on the left.  4th bubble

Free ISAAD Practice Test Early Literacy Questions

Look at these pictures. They all begin with the same first 2 letter sounds. What are the first 2 letters of these words?  1st bubble

Look at the arrow pointing up. Select the picture to the side that rhymes with up.  3rd bubble

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