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KABC™-II (Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children, Second Edition)

The KABC™-II, Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children, Second Edition) is an individually administered, culturally fair test that measures cognitive abilities in children ages 3 – 18. There are 18 subtests that assess knowledge, memory, pattern recognition, serial reasoning, and more. Many of the subtests on the KABC™-II are similar to those used with the NNAT®-2 and 3, Woodcock-Johnson®-III Tests of Achievement, OLSAT® and Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test™-2 (KBIT™-2). In fact, it is more common to see schools use the KBIT™-2 to pre-qualify students for gifted and talented programs. If the child achieves a minimum score, then they are then invited to go on for more in-depth testing with a full IQ Test instrument.

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