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KABC-II (Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children, Second Edition)

The KABC (Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children) is an individually administered, culturally fair test that measures cognitive abilities in children ages 3 – 18. In general, it measures cognitive development in short term memory, visual processing, fluid reasoning, long term storage and retrieval, and crystallized ability. It provides age-based standardized scores, age equivalents, and percentile ranks.

The time allotted for the test varies depending on the age of the child, the subscales administered, and the individual preferences of the child. It can take anywhere from 25 – 70 minutes.

There are 18 core and supplemental subtests. Some of the subtests include knowledge, memory, pattern recognition, serial reasoning, and others. Many of the subtests on the KABC-II are similar to those used with the NNAT-2 and 3, Woodcock-Johnson-III Tests of Achievement, OLSAT, and Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test-2 (KBIT-2). In fact, it is more common to see schools use the KBIT-2 to pre-qualify students for gifted and talented programs. If the child achieves a minimum score, then they are invited to go on for more in-depth testing with a full IQ Test instrument.

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My kid needs to take the KABC test. We are already a member, but why can’t we see the tests?

My autistic son became very stressed while taking this test and had to stop before he finished. I would like to find similar questions and help him work through them at home so we can determine what precisely was so stressful for him.

Our KABC-II (Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children, Second Edition) test prep is top-notch and available within our member’s area. With this you can review the questions with him and determine if it was the test that created the stress (or surrounding factors).

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