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NGAT (Naglieri General Ability Test) – Sections and Sample Questions

Testing Mom stands out as the premier test preparation resource for the NGAT, owing to their profound understanding of the test and its intricacies in each section. The expertise lies in their comprehensive knowledge of all test questions, which predominantly consist of diagrams or illustrations. These questions require logical thinking from students, minimizing reliance on specific academic subject matter and ensuring their solvability regardless of the student’s spoken language(s). In instances of computer-based testing, Testing Mom offers animated instructions, while for paper-and-pencil formats, clear directions are presented through a visually engaging comic strip display.

What Sections are on the NGAT?

The NGAT consists of three sections that test general ability.

1. Verbal Section 

The NGAT Verbal Section of the test asks students to figure out the connections between the universally recognized pictures. They need to identify which verbal idea they have in common and which picture doesn’t belong.

Verbal Sample Question:

Answer:  D – This option does not contain a lid.

2. Nonverbal Section 

The NGAT Nonverbal Section consists of questions shown through diagrams and pictures. Students need to figure out the connections between shapes, colors, sequences, orientation, etc. to determine which option completes the pattern.

Nonverbal Sample Question 1:

Answer: B – The shapes rotate separately – 90-degrees counter-clockwise

Nonverbal Sample Question 2:

Answer: B – The 2 vertical lines are accurately spaced apart and the correct color to complete the pattern.

Nonverbal Sample Question 3:

Answer: E – Each row and or column contains a box with a small yellow circle, a medium yellow circle, and a large yellow circle. Each circle is underlined in white.

Nonverbal Sample Question 4:

Answer:  C – The pattern is heart, triangle, heart triangle. To complete the pattern, a heart would come next.


3. Quantitative Section 

 The NGAT Quantitative Section has questions displayed with numbers and shapes arranged in a pattern. Students need to look at the relationships, patterns, and sequences among these numbers and symbols using basic math concepts. The questions don’t involve word problems, so they can be solved regardless of language.

Quantitative Sample Question 1:

Answer:  B – The first box has 2 gifts. The second box has 3 gifts. The second box has one more gift than the first box. There is one pair of scissors. If we add another pair of scissors just as we did with the gift, we will have 2 pair of scissors. (The rule is to add 1)

Quantitative Sample Question 2:

Answer: B. 22 – The rule is to add 11. 0 + 11 = 11 and 11 + 11 = 22

Quantitative Sample Question 3:

Answer: D  – The four vertical cubes weigh the same as the 2×2 cubes. Same size and color but different setting.

Quantitative Sample Question 4:

Answer: 2nd number above the bubble – The pattern is 1, 2, 3, 1, 2.

Quantitative Sample Question 5:

3     8    13   18   23  ___

A. 26     B. 27         C. 28         D. 29         E. 30

Answer: C. 28 – The rule is to add 5; 3 + 5 = 8, 8 + 5 = 13, 13 + 5 = 18, 18 + 5 = 23, 23 + 5 = 28.

NGAT Sections and Grades

The test forms are grouped based on the following grades.

KindergartenPre-KindergartenKindergarten – 2nd Grade
1st GradeKindergarten3rd – 6th Grade
2nd Grade1st Grade7th – 12th Grade
3rd – 4th Grade2nd Grade
5th – 6th Grade3rd – 4th Grade
7th – 9th Grade5th – 6th Grade
10th – 12th Grade7th – 9th Grade
10th – 12th Grade

Practicing below their grade level is a beneficial strategy for students, allowing them to build confidence and become acquainted with different question types. Once they’ve developed more assurance, they can then progress to practicing at their grade level and potentially explore more advanced material, provided they can handle it without experiencing frustration.

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