CogAT 6th Grade Practice Test

The questions that your child will see on the sixth grade CogAT require that he can think critically and is able to evaluate all answer choices for each question. As students advance in grade level, they will be expected to perform computational processes such as addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. These functions are especially necessary for the “number puzzles” subtest. In addition, students are expected to have a solid grasp on order of operations when solving for a mathematical equation. One might say that these combination of skills require students to perform a mental “balancing act”. For the verbal subtest, your child can continue working on his reading comprehension, vocabulary and their ability to categorize and draw similarities between words and concepts. Below are sample questions that are similar to the questions that your sixth grader will see on the CogAT.

100 Free Gifted Practice Questions

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1) Quantitative Battery: Number Puzzles

In the CogAT Number Puzzles subtest, students face math problems testing relationships and arithmetic skills. It challenges their reasoning and problem-solving. They encounter incomplete number puzzles, requiring careful selection from provided choices. This subtest assesses their quantitative reasoning and pattern identification skills.

Example #1:

In this section, you will be given a mathematical equation. Choose the answer that should replace the ? or the symbol.

16 + 85 + 69 = (69 + 85) +

a. 57       b. 16       c. 101       d. 81       e. 154


2) Non-Verbal Battery: Figure Classification

The CogAT Figure Classification subtest assesses students’ non-verbal reasoning, emphasizing pattern and relationship recognition among abstract shapes. Students must identify the figure completing the pattern or matching the given figures. This subtest measures spatial awareness, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

Example #2:

Parent say to your child: Tell your child to look at the first three figures. They go together in some way. Choose one more figure in the rest of the row that goes with the first three figures in the same way.

6th Grade Figure Classification Questions

3) Verbal Battery: Verbal Analogy

The CogAT Verbal Analogy subtest assesses students’ skill in identifying word and concept relationships. Students encounter word pairs with specific relationships and select another word from options that shares the same relationship with a given word. This subtest evaluates verbal reasoning, vocabulary, and comprehension of word relationships.

Example #3:

The first two words in the sentences below go together in a certain way. Choose the answer that goes with the third word in the sentence the same way that the first and second words go together.

Won is to one as weight is to _____.

A. wait        B. height        C. state       D. wheat       E. eight


4) Quantitative Battery: Number Series

The CogAT Number Series subtest evaluates students’ pattern recognition and number relationship abilities. It presents number sequences with missing numbers, and students choose the correct option to complete them. This subtest measures numerical reasoning and the capability to identify and extend numerical patterns.

Example #4:

Look at the numbers in each row below. There is a rule that governs the order in which the numbers occur in the series. Figure out the rule and then choose the number that comes next from the answer choices below.

10.61     10.48     10.35     10.22     10.09     ____

A. 9.99       B. 9.98       C. 9.97       D. 9.96       E. 9.95


5) Non-Verbal Battery: Paper Folding

In the CogAT Paper Folding subtest, students view paper folding and hole-punching images. Their main task is predicting the paper’s final outcome when unfolded. This subtest assesses spatial visualization, including complex actions, and requires logical deductions from visual information. Overall, it challenges critical thinking and visual analysis, making it a crucial component of CogAT for non-verbal assessment.

Example #5:

On the top row you will see how a square piece of paper is folded sometimes once, sometimes twice, sometimes three times. Holes are then punched after the paper has been folded. Choose the answer in the second row that shows how the folded piece of paper would look after it is unfolded.

6th Grade CogAT Paper Folding Question


1) b

2) C – The exact same figures are always diagonally across from each other

3) A

4) D – Subtract 0.13

5) E

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100 Free Gifted Practice Questions

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Just wish there were more free practice tests….

Our 100 Free Questions are a great sampling from many of the tests we support. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to access the 100 Free Practice Questions (No purchase necessary):

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