NYC Parents Emergency Tele-seminar March 28, 2018

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You only need a phone (no computer needed)!

Join us Wednesday night at 9pm ET, March 28, 2018 for an Emergency Tele-seminar for NYC Parents!

Here’s what we’ll discuss during this “must attend” tele-seminar for NYC parents who just received G&T test results:

  • Review of the test results and what it means
  • If your child didn’t qualify, now what?
  • G&T school tour checklist (you’ll receive this via email before the tele-seminar)
  • Overview of district-wide and city-wide
  • If you have questions you’d like for us to address please email us and put “NYC Emergency Tele-seminar” in the subject line.
  • Due to the amount of G&T programs we can’t get into the specifics of individuals schools.

Please note: This tele-seminar is solely focused on New York City Gifted and Talented Program and for parents who received their child’s test score this week.

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