Seminar: NYC Middle School Admissions and State Testing for ELA and Math

Free Seminar for NYC parents on January 5, 2019 at 1pm to 3pm in Midtown West


Is your child applying to public middle school (or high school) in NYC in the next two years?

Join us to learn all about the middle school admission process for New York City public schools and the importance of the New York State ELA and math tests have on the admissions process.


Karen Quinn, the Testing Mom, testing authority, national best-selling author and mother of two

  • What you’ll learn from Karen, the Testing Mom:
    • Explanation of the types of questions your child will experience on the state ELA and math tests (that are used for admissions for the most competitive middle and high schools)
    • How your child will need to respond to each question to get full credit.
    • How to best prepare your child for the upcoming state tests without stress (for you and your child)
    • Scoring and how that impacts the middle school (and high school admissions process)

Maurice Frumkin, President of NYC Admissions Solutions

  • What you’ll learn from Maurice:
    • General timeline & milestones for middle school and high schoool processes for New York City public schools
    • Key concepts that all parents (and students) need to understand
    • Practical next steps, especially for current 4th and 7th grade families where it counts the most
    • Types of schools and programs offered
    • How test scores count and how it fits into the process/its relevance


Live Q&A at the end of the seminar to get all your questions answered by the experts!

Maurice’s background: is a former independent school admissions officer, and former Deputy Executive Director of High School Admissions with the NYC Department of Education.  Maurice was involved with all aspects of running the citywide high school admissions process.  He has counseled hundreds of families on school admissions, supports schools and PTAs across the city with school placement, and is a frequent lecturer on a variety of admissions topics.  His firm helps families and schools navigate K-college private and public school admissions.


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