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For Parents who want to help, but aren’t sure how

10 Easy-to-Follow Lessons Will Guide You Step-by-Step in Teaching Your Child:

  • Success strategies for Verbal, Quantitative and Nonverbal questions,
  • Common CogAT/CCAT mistakes and how to avoid them,
  • Question specific test-taking strategies for each question-type,
  • Tips and tricks for acing each question-type that nobody tells you,
  • Most-asked questions by parents about CogAT…answered!

A Gold Mine of CogAT® and CCAT® Test-Taking Resources Packed Into One Must-See Workshop

10 Video Lessons

3.5 hours of 10 video lessons and downloadable outlines. One General Overview session + 9 lessons — one for each CogAT Battery.


10 easy-to-follow video lessons, supported by written lessons and paired practice questions so your child can immediately learn and demonstrate mastery.

110+ Extra Questions

Over 110 practice questions paired with each lesson to assess your child’s mastery of the skills taught and to help you pinpoint where additional practice is needed.

Homework Assignments

Homework assignments to gain experience follow each lesson. We recommend practice questions, online games, flashcards and workbooks from, but if you have other resources to practice with, you can use those, too.

A Full Pre-Assessment – Get Your Child’s Baseline Score!

A 27-question assessment covering the 9 CogAT Batteries to give you a baseline of your child’s strengths and weaknesses — then focus your lessons and preparation on areas of challenge for your child.

Strategic Coaching

Coaching on every CogAT question-type and how to solve them, giving your child the best chance to ace the test.

Bonus Games

Hands-on games to teach your child analogical thinking and classification skills for verbal questions – So much fun, your child won’t even know they’re learning

Get your child ready for
CogAT and CCAT now!

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Get Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Child’s Score!

Practice the strategies for decoding folding puzzles and they become easy!

Learn the most common types of Classification puzzles and you can solve this at once.

Master the 10 Analogy changes so you can crack Analogy puzzles like a pro!

I’ll Show You How Top Students Ace the Test... Your Child Can Too!

Your instructor is Karen Quinn, co-founder of Karen has been developing practice questions for CogAT and working with students for the last 12 years!

She has helped over 3,000 thousand parents prepare their children for this test. Karen is passionate about showing parents how to prep their kids for testing and school success.

Want to know more?

Check out Lesson #2 — Verbal Analogies. FREE!

  • See what the training is like.
  • Learn the #1 technique to solving Verbal Analogies — Teach it to your child!
  • Discover the 10 most common Verbal Analogy-types.
  • Learn the 4 mistakes every child makes answering Verbal Analogy questions and how to avoid them!
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Does Your Child Deserve Gifted+Talented? You Bet!

A complete course for involved parents of kindergarten – 2nd graders who want to boost their child’s score.

What you'll get:

  • 10 video lessons
  • A full pre-assessment
  • Homework assignments
  • Over 110 practice questions
  • Bonus games and more!

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Lesson #2

How to Solve Verbal Analogies

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